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My Best 10 Games of the Decade

Today, my friend took me over to the Gamefaqs website and showed me the game of the decade competition that they're having over there. Looking over the results so far, we decided that we disagreed with a healthy number of them, and after a healthy amount of debate, we ended up coming up with our ten favorite games of the decade. Hopefully I haven't overlooked any, but these are what I feel are the top ten games of this decade. I'll try to keep these short...

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  • To be fair, I thought that Morrowind was about as good as this game, but I figured it would add a bit of credibility if I had some obscure game to the top of my list.

    For those that haven't ever played Phantom Dust, it is basically a third-person, card game, arena deathmatch, spell caster warfare kind of game. Sounds complicated? It was. The learning curve to this game was fairly intense, but once you got into it, I felt it was an amazing multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, although it was rated well, it sold pretty poorly, so we probably wont another see a game like this in a long time, if ever.

  • The best Elder Scrolls. Period.

    There were numerous factors that I felt made Morrowind superior to Oblivion, but in lieu of a lengthy paragraph, here is a brief list:

    More varied environments, more spells, high/low level zones, better story, a final boss, multiple playthrough requirement to do everything, vampire clans, and more.

  • The last goofy GTA game. This game lent itself perfectly to dicking around, more than any other before or after it. The cast was absolutely incredible. The gang wars were completely time consuming and fun. There were freaking airplanes. This game has wasted more hours of my life than I would care to count.

  • Halo 2 was not just a good game, but it was arguably the single game that sparked the surge of online shooters on consoles. This was my first Xbox game, and it showed me that competitive online games were really damn fun. While I probably never made it past scrub status, I always tried to improve at this game, and whenever I was able to genuinely outskill someone, it was the best feeling in the world.

  • This game took the original SSB and elevated it to a completely new level. While it was accessible to newcomers, it was incredibly nuanced and allowed you to progressively get better and better at it as time went on. Overall, this is hands down the best game on the Gamecube, and probably one of the best fighting games ever made.

  • DotA. Not Warcraft 3.

    While I was never that into DotA, I have to acknowledge that it revolutionized a brand new genre that would go on to influence other games that I do play on a regular basis, League of Legends and Monday Night Combat. So, while this game was personally not for me, it is definitely still one of the best 10 games of this decade.

  • This game is freaking hard. Although it was super punishing when you first started out, once everything clicked, running around with Ryu Hayabusa beasting on fiends was unlike any other game I had ever played before. I might get a lot of hate for this, but I think that this game was vastly superior to DMC and GoW, if not for the general plot, then for the platforming, combos, and just overall skill it took to play.

  • While not nearly as good as its predecessor, Oblivion was a solid RPG that managed to expand on Morrowind in a lot of ways. It kept the traditional Morrowind formula, but added much needed things to the series, such as graphical improvements and the biggest godsend of them all, the compass.

    There was only one thing that made this game show up so much lower than Morrowind. Goddamn oblivion gates. I know they already do, but oblivion gates can go to hell.

  • While not exactly a Starcraft caliber RTS, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge offered some amazingly fun gameplay. The cartoony style fit perfectly with its playstyle, and the differences between Soviets, Allies and Yuri made casual play immensely entertaining.

    IMHO, this is the best Command & Conquer game of all time.