2010: The Experiment

List items

  • Needless to say, this game is the epitome of the Playstation 3. A system seller and a definite must-buy for me. Interesting battle system and generic story; albeit with a female 'Cloud', it will hopefully prove to be worth the wait.

  • Speaking of waiting; this game will be another system seller, if it ever comes out. GT5 has been in development for a long while now, since the Playstation's launch, rabid fans have been waiting the release of this racing sim. With more delays in the news, only time will tell if this ever hits store shelves come the end of 2010.

  • A promising start and a shaky sequel? I'm not sure how the sequel will do but I loved the first game! With the asylum now apparently being in Gotham itself, will it be an open world game or will it still provide a linear yet exciting experience? I'm definitely looking forward to this game come September.

  • Having beat Galaxy entirely co-op (The second player isn't doing a whole lot) I really loved the interactive experience that you can share with another person, even if that person is just wiggling a Wiimote collecting bits for you. Galaxy 2 will be a great addition to the Wii line-up and a star for this year's games for the Wii.

  • Having missed out on the first one (My Wii is Australian and I live in Singapore... It's tough importing overpriced games... :( ) I can't wait to see the refined sequel to No More Heroes. I really loved the art style and the gameplay and the story sounded decent enough. Definitely an import for me!

  • I love Blizzard, and I love Starcraft. I definitely will be picking this up. With the new and improved battle.net, Starcraft II will be one of the best RTS experiences this year. Although I was never big with the community and the strat builds, I can't wait to jump into some single and multi-player action with this new release. It's about damn time.

  • As a previous WoW player, I always do love to read up on upcoming expansions and big patches. Cataclysm is an attempt to go back to the old days and roots with an earth-shattering change that will alter landscapes. Most people say this will completely break the game but I still look forward to checking it out and maybe restart some raiding?

  • Not completely familiar with Just Cause, but from the recent coverage, this game really piques my interest. Being near to where I live, I can't wait to see their take on the environments and accents of my region. Oh, and the game play looks cool too.

  • Another game that may or may not surprise me, Heavy Rain. I'm not big on Adventure games but Heavy Rain really caught my eye. The story and the choices the player gets to make provide a really interesting premise and I look forward to how this game turns out.

  • I don't have a 360, so alot of games like Crackdown 2 or Fable III were left out. I really do enjoy how those games look and play and it's times like these where I wish I had all 3 consoles. However, Mass Effect 2 is a Console exclusive which I'll be checking out on the PC. Having bought and stashed Mass Effect 1, I tread carefully into the sequel. I've encountered numerous problems with the first game ranging from crashes to audio/video problems. Buying this year will probably be out of the question; unless it's really stellar.