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Gaming Disappointments of 2010

Not the worst games, but those which I was either very excited to play, or were hyped beyond my ultimate enjoyment.

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  • I was looking forward to this game for months. Sadly, rather than being the handheld Elite RPG I wanted it to be it was a nails-hard JPRG with as much charm as liquid nitrogen.

  • I've said enough about Heavy Rain already this year. A very poor movie in a mediocre game. If this is the future direction for video games (and we've had these type of games since the Laser Disc era) I want no part of it.

  • I foolishly got caught up in the hype on Alan Wake. As a Twin Peaks fan I find the comparisons insulting. Alan Wake is a cheesy pretentious Stephen King novella wrapped in a poor Luigi's Mansion wrapper...I prefer Luigi's Mansion.

  • You'd think it was 2005 all over again with Motion Control on everyone's lips. Move and Kinect were to usher in a new wave of controller-free/light experiences. Instead we got the same Wii games from 2005 with a different gloss and pretty much the same problems. Only Dance Central really stood out.

  • I queued at the midnight launch for my copy of Halo: Reach. To this day I've spent more time reading the excellent little diary in the special edition, than playing the game. Reach has a baffling plot, non-existent narrative and rapidly aging gameplay. The Covenant now are reduced to being ridiculous caricatures of the brilliant original game.

  • Looks great. Drives well. Full of game breaking bugs. Fail!

  • 6 years in the making, only to appear as the same game Polyphony have been making for years. AI is still dreadful, the graphics are inconsistent, and the racing dull. No doubt that the driving physics are good but the sound effects and overall race experience are poor. Pokemon Cars is not good enough in 2010.