2021: REVIEW Kids on the Block

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...a reaping bleh 0

Played through in Winter/Spring of 2009. So…there’s this angsty Ginger who…“sees dead people”…he also sees the Grim Reapers tasked with collecting said dead people. But what he’s REALLY looking at, are the Super Comfy Samurai Pajamas these “Reapers” roll in. So I’m pretty sure the rest of the plot revolves around them fighting for Flowy Pajama Pants Supremacy…if not, than at least it might as well be. In this world where fighting games dwindle out of relevance day by day, I found myself on the ...

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...a half-tucked bleh 0

Played through in Winter 09. So…there’s this guy… he rocks a half-tucked long sleeve t-shirt and has an affinity for all things shiny, which include a spunky blond reporter and his ancestor’s lost treasure (not necessarily in that order). And so “half-tucked shirt guy” finds himself entrenched in a harrowing adventure, surviving sweaty jungles and scaling ancient ruins, escaping perilous dangers where I’m sure all that he’s REALLY thinking is, “Damn… kinda wish I packed a Tank Top…” The best thi...

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...a flushing bleh 0

Played Through in Winter 09. So…you play as this dude…who has a serious case of IBS. And when he’s not playing “Catch the Fuzzy” with his little kitten Jeane… he’s decapitating goons with his online ordered Light Saber and washing his hair in a shower of their blood…which easily explains the great hair… Not that anything really HAS to be explained about this game, I mean…it’s made by Goichi Suda, a man who to me, is fully entrenched in what can be dubbed “Gaming of the Absurd” You kill Assassin...

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...a shanking bleh 0

Played Through in Fall 2009. So…there’s this guy who…likes to SHANK a fool or two...and when he’s not playing hopscotch across the rooftops of Old Jerusalem, he’s popping in and out of the memory of his latest descendent from the future who’s trying to shack up with Kristen Bell…. a weird rubbery looking Kristen Bell, but hey, who am I to playa hate... Assassin’s Creed impressed me. It even got under my skin a little bit…in a good way. I went into this game with a vague understand of its’ FAULTS...

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...a soggy bleh 0

Played Through in Spring 09. So…you play as this Airline Passenger…who is the sole survivor of a plane crash in the ocean. Good for him, there’s a light house only a light swim away. Bad for him, that light house is actually the gateway to a fallen psychopathic, telekinetic, dentally deficient society bubbling under the sea. Hope you stowed away some airline peanuts in your pocket…you might get peckish. Man…BioShock. …such an engrossing experience. I say the word experience, because some times,...

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...a flux capaciting bleh 0

Played through in Summer and Fall 2009. So….you play as this Ginger named Crono… who’s got a Frog in his throat and by his side (like what I did there? thank you) Anyway he accidentally gets sent through time, ending up in the future to realize, WHOA, there is no future. Now it’s up Crono and his Time Traveling Cronies(also their Punk Cover Band name) to change time and …yep… save the world. Chrono Trigger came out in the 90s, but I didn’t play this as a kid. It wasn’t until I delved into the wo...

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...an engrossing bleh 0

Played Through in Winter, Spring, and Summer 09 So…you play as this guy…who has really cool looking armor and decides to get rid of it to stand up against the King he used to wear it for…which is SAD because…it was really cool looking armor... Anyway he teams up with some not so coolly dressed comrades and “Oh” the hijinx they get themselves into over some shiny ass crystals…. As you can see, this game took the majority of a year to play through to my satisfaction (all characters fully leveled, ...

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...an arthritic bleh 0

Played Through in Fall 2009 So…you play as this guitarist…who plays for this random band whose members’ names, you don’t even know beyond, “that guy with hair over his eyes,” or “that chick with blond dreadlocks”. And SOMEHOW, by playing about 30 covers to, albeit, popular songs…you end up with millions of fans on a boat with a mechanical Medusa and thousands of dollars…while still not sure if you’re drummer is even wearing pants…. I’ve been a fan of the music rhythm genre, big time, since Harmo...

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...a batty bleh 0

Played Through in Fall 2009. So…you play as this guy…who… really knows his way around a gym. And when he’s not practicing one-liner gruffs in a mirror, he’s out stopping bad guys from doing bad things. But tonight doesn’t go as planned as one of those bad guys, with a smile, gets loose on an Island made for some….REALLY bad guys, which leads to…. even MORE bad things…. It’s Batman vs Joker. Like Mario vs Bowser, Ali vs Fraiser, or Kimbo Slice vs Dakota Fanning, it’s a timeless match-up that we...

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