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    co-op est mort, viva co-op

    -From 2008-“Left 4 Dead?”It’s all he said, but I had to hold the wince on the inside. Really?The other two were very excited; visibly jittering in their seats. The holidays are the best time for them ...

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    Reposting a blast from the past

    Ah, deals on physical purchases. Originally posted on Cheap Ass Gamer, reposting here for posterity. Links removed and a couple of edits included:For short-time Cheap Ass Gamers the forums appear on t...

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    The End of Ownership and now we can't even have NFTs?

    I get it, NFTs are bad. For the environment, for creatives, legal currencies, etc. If this isn't a way for somebody to own some data, then what is the solution?Interesting read for the weekend: http:/...

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    Tech Monopolism

    Here is a good piece from Cory Doctorow. It's funny in the context of two huge companies arguing over consumer benefit over App Store margins and Fortnite. I wish others would think about it. Shameles...

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    Do you want to own or borrow?

    I listen/watch to The HotSpot this week, and I just get frustrated with the ownership discussion. Nobody actually ever says what they WANT, just how the situation IS. I WANT TO OWN the stuff I pay for...

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    Yo, resolution great!

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    For the Hoard!

    "On r/Datahoarder, you’ll find people storing data on everything from YouTube videos to game install discs."I read this article on Ars Technica by David Rutland and it made me think about games and so...

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    Stay at Home Day 31

    Rip all of the Red Book audio from my Saturn and PSX games

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    "Predatory Monetisation"

    This was kind of an interesting read regarding microtransactions:https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-03-18-the-developer-of-journey-bucks-the-trend-of-predatory-monetisationJames Batchelor "As...

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    Mark Cerny as Mon Mothma

    I had to put something together when the crew was describing the PS5 audio slide deck reminding them of the Death Star.

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    My guns in Destiny should be collectibles

    Here's a great example:Why 'Destiny 2' Isn't Working, And How to Fix ItVICE US by Doc Burford "Luke [Smith, Director, Destiny 2] makes repeated comparisons to Magic: The Gathering and its new card se...

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    Ranting and Ravings of a Madman (cont'd)

    From yesterday: I don't think I'm making some of this stuff up on my own, but I also don't think anything from industry groups is as comprehensive as it should be.Brendan Sinclair for gamesindustry.bi...

  • xrayzwei posted a new blog.
    Ranting and Ravings of a Madman

    I had an idea for a Gamer Bill of Rights.... then I just vomited all of this stuff out onto a page.Buy Once, Play EverywhereI had thought about an example, like Super Mario Bros.. How many times shoul...

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    So Fame Douglas...