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Haven't posted an update in years... video games are still cool

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2020 Video Games

Here they are, in a list.

List items

  • They took a perfect game and made it better. You couldn't ask for more than that, really.

  • Bluepoint did a great job of stewarding a classic game, updating it for the new 2020 hardware in style while keeping that core engine running underneath to maintain DeS as it was back in 2009 with all its weird & wonderful quirks.

  • One of the smartest and most polished twists on the roguelite genre. Weaves its narrative beautifully through your runs, making great use of the structure to keep driving you forwards on every single escape attempt. Brings together many of the best things of each of Supergiant's previous games to create their strongest work to date.

  • In many ways this reads just like Demon's Souls. However, Vicarious Visions did actually update the gameplay from the originals here - which was the correct decision in this case because the later additions such as manuals, reverts, and spine transfers are straight-up improvements to the flow of gameplay. If you haven't played these before, see what the fuss was all about. If you have, then feel that magic all over again.

  • Past the initial apparent similarities to Slay the Spire, Monster Train proves to be a very different take on the genre in practice. Manages to carve out its own identity and has a really fun difficulty scaling structure that makes early wins pretty reasonable to pick up and escalates into these races to get simple yet wonderfully out of control decks as you progress.

  • A beautiful, moving tale with a memorable cast of characters. Tackles a difficult subject matter with elegance and mostly nails what it's going for with aplomb. It'll make you cry, but in a good way.

  • Absolutely way better than a F2P anime BotW clone centred around a gacha system for unlocking characters has any right to be - especially when you consider that this thing even runs on mobile devices. A frankly astonishing achievement that'll be influential on the industry for years to come. Story is incredibly compelling too. Would probably be higher up the list if I'd made more time for it, honestly.

  • Really smartly designed murder mystery with a phenomenal soundtrack and stunning artwork aplenty. Gives you lots of freedom to explore and investigate, and really keeps you on your toes guessing where things will go next.

  • "Gang Beasts meets Takeshi's Castle" is the most immediate easy sell of all time. Had it not been for the rise of Among Us, Fall Guys would have been the standout most talked-about game of the year. I could go for some marginally tighter controls but the clumsy joy of battling your way to a crown is a delight nevertheless.

  • An ambitious twist on the 2D puzzle-exploration genre which centres around an incredibly lethal combat system that is really the shining jewel in the rough... if you have the patience to engage with it. Doesn't always land perfectly and can frequently be frustrating but when fights go well, it feels incredible.