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Haven't posted an update in years... video games are still cool

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Dat 2014 HYPE!

Might be the year to get a WiiU, eh? Or even a PS4? We'll see.

I'm certain I'll have missed something, and I'm sure there's things that I don't even know about which are on this list. Perhaps I'll fiddle with it if I think of anything else. The order is roughly approximate to my level of excitement/interest, but somewhat arbitrary nevertheless.

List items

  • If you haven't tried Dark Souls (and I mean given it at least a few hours of your time), then you really should. It won't click with everyone, but few games are as mechanically satisfying as this. And don't worry; it isn't actually as hard as people like to make out.

  • The last Smash Bros was the game where I really "got" it. My friend taught the rest of our uni house how to actually play (rather than smashing the buttons arbitrarily and not even knowing what a "smash attack" was or how to do one), and things went from just casual fun to serious competition over the course of two years. Not that it ever stopped being casual fun though.

  • Lumping this and Phantom Pain in together, not even sure whether the latter will make it out this year or not. But I have to know what comes next. Also worth noting that I will probably never tire of pointless, rambling CODEC conversations or lengthy, drawn-out enemy pre-fight monologues.

  • The first "major" update since Super, my 2010 Game of the Year.

  • The first Bayonetta remains one of my favourite Character Action Games of all time, thanks to its blend of incredibly satisfying combat, wonderful art and sound design, and sheer madness. The sequel looks to be living up to that standard pretty well so far, to the extent I'd seriously consider buying a WiiU just for this were I not already sold for SSB.

  • I will probably never tire completely of playing The Sims, and a refresh of the game's core mechanics is just what I need to pull me back deep into those virtual people's bizarre/ordinary worlds.

  • I'm as excited for the fact that this is a second massive content expansion for Isaac (given the incredible extra lifespan that Wrath of the Lamb added) as I am for the redesign and new soundtrack.

  • Just give me more Hotline Miami and we're cool. The original is so tight and satisfying that simply bringing new levels and masks would easily be enough to get me in from day one.

  • Yo, Geralt had that beard. Also this is lining to be the vast world simply drenched in lore that I've come to expect from CD Projekt Red.

  • Jonathan Blow spits good game. He also makes good games. What's been shown of this is really vague but it looks gorgeous and I'm super interested to finally see what it is.

  • Given that Supergiant's track record up to this point just reads "Bastion", I'm very interested to see what they came up with next.

  • I adore fighting games in general (despite not being all that fantastic at them), and I do have a soft spot for the BlazBlue titles so I'm no stranger to Arc System Works games. But somehow I never got around to the original Persona 4 Arena. Hopefully I can rectify that with this release.

  • I love adventure games, and this was pitched as Tim Schafer's return to the golden days of adventure games. That's enough for me.

  • Firstly, it's a new Final Fantasy, and I've yet to play one of those that I didn't enjoy. Secondly, it looks significantly different from previous entries, which intrigues me.

  • A fantasy medieval XCOM/Fire Emblem style title from Brad Muir? Sure.

  • So you're telling me that the guys who made Halo are crafting an co-operative multiplayer experience somewhat influenced by Borderlands? You, Sir, have my attention.

  • Not convinced this'll make it out this year, if at all, which is why it's lower down. Also I've seen no actual gameplay, so I have to temper my expectations somewhat. But that trailer looked way cool.

  • Somehow I don't see this making it out over here in 2014 either, but in concept a chibi Persona 3+4 crossover RPG sounds like a great way to spend more time with my 3DS.

  • Really liked the first inFamous; didn't get around to the second but I heard great things. This looks to be one of the first "proper" next-gen titles on the PS4, so it may become the default pick-up game if nothing else. Still looks fun.

  • I've not spent much time with rhythm games outside of Guitar Hero, but I adore the Persona 4 soundtrack and could do with more Vita games - and this fits the bill on both counts.

  • I've been interested in this concept for a long time. South Park's game-related humour is usually fairly on point, and while I'm not a huge fan of the show I like it enough to be interested in this. Plus it's being made by Obsidian, who have a fairly solid track record, so hopefully that'll work in its favour.

  • This seems pretty joyous. Also it's part of PS4's big indie incentive, and I'm certainly happy to support that trend - especially when it produces fun and unique titles such as this one.