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Haven't posted an update in years... video games are still cool

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Best of 2010

Y2Ken: Best of 2010

I had real difficulty working these out. Notable exceptions:

"Number 11": Alien Swarm

Yo, this game was free. It cost zero dollars. And yet I spent several hours arguing with two of my friends over who was responsible for us failing. We all settled into roles fairly quickly and had a great time as such. Go check it out. It's free.

Fallout: New Vegas - I got this about 2 days before the end of the year.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - I only finished ACII in December 'cause so many other games are out.

FIFA '11 - I only bought this at the start of Jan '11.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - As with FIFA '11.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - Didn't actually get around to this but it looks awesome.

Borderlands - Oh darn I love Borderlands so much. But it didn't come out this year.

List items

  • I wasn't expecting to put this top. It was always going to be Black Ops. But I've probably played SSFIV a lot more, and will continue to do so for a long while to come. Considering I was only introduced to the series with SFIV, it's safe to say I'm a convert to the addictive multiplayer, as are many of my friends.

  • Damn you, Blizzard. Damn you. I wasn't even interested in Starcraft until the day it came out. Then that day I watched one of those developer-commentated multiplayer videos for the GB quest. And that became all four. And then I watched the launch stream on Giant Bomb. And before you know it, I'm watching the Day[9] Daily every morning and contemplating a subscription to Gom TV's GSL coverage. I'm not even that huge on the PvP multiplayer, but the campaign was phenomenal and I just loved comp-stomping.

  • I'm not as deep into Black Ops as many of my friends, as my love of games spreads wider than just "shooting dudes in the face" (I also like "punching dudes in the face" and "stabbing dudes in the face"). Nonetheless, I put over 24 hours of online multiplayer play in during the first week of this game - which is saying something considering how long it took to get into a game. Now it's patched and there is no better (or more finely balanced) online shooty experience. Then again, it is just another Call of Duty, so I feel obliged to knock it down slightly.

  • Final Fantasy XIII is a beautiful, glorious experience. And the combat is possibly my favourite in the series so far. At first you seems so removed from the action, until you realise that it simply allows you to exercise even more control over battles than ever before. Stunning.

  • I didn't take to Red Dead as much as the GTA games, but the sense of place in Redemption is so phenomenal and I certainly had an amazing time in the Old West. Plus I still jump into the occasional online Possé with friends which never fails to be enjoyable.

  • This game's so fucking good. It's so good. They made Risk fun in a way I didn't think they could. Not that I don't enjoy Risk - I love it - but Factions takes the game to a whole new level. Add to that the fact that it just came out on PSN too so I can play it on my own system rather than just on a friend's Xbox.

  • I was interested in ModNation Racers from the day I first saw it. But it's also worth noting that few demos have hooked me like this one did - a friend and I spent hours just playing the one non-customisable demo track. We bought the game the day after release (splitting the cost between us) and proceeded to play it pretty much non-stop for the next few weeks. One of the best kart racing experiences I've encountered, and that's not even considering the wealth of customisation options on offer.

  • Oh dear. See StarCraft II, only this time it was not Mr. Shoemaker, but Mr. Davis who tempted me into the dark and time-consuming world of PC strategy gaming. Again not a game I really considered before watching the GB coverage, but man this is phenomenal fun.

  • Yo, they made remakes of my favourite generation of the Pokémon games to date. I'm very much into that. Plus it came with a free pedometer, which amused me for quite some time.

  • I suspect the only reason this isn't higher is because I haven't finished it yet. I bought it cheaply and have been playing through 1 chapter at a time, in small doses between other games. Had I not done this, I suspect that I would have been overcome by the crazy. This game is so insane, and I love it.