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Abby's Top 20 Games

Check it out, a list of some of my favorite games in no particular order. These may not be the best games, but they all hold a sweet spot in my heart in one way or another. Like many people, my favs are constantly in flux but here are some of my tried and true titles.

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  • WarioWare was one of the first games I got 100% completion on and I was sad there wasn't more for me to do. I'm forever bummed they didn't release a WarioWare for the 3DS and my fingers are crossed for a proper Switch title.

  • After putting over a hundred hours of gameplay into Borderlands 2, it became almost a meditative experience for me. Zer0 was my go-to dude and sometimes I feel like I know him better than I know my own family.

  • SSX is my kind of "sport" game franchise: it doesn't take itself too seriously, it's full of fun music, and the physics are so wacky it's barely even snowboarding.

  • I find the rhythmic combat so satisfying when paired with the gory dismembering of orcs. The nemesis system is revolutionary and made me feel incredibly connected to the in-game world. My only complaint is that there was too much of that fucker, Gollum.

  • This game is so utterly COOL. From its soundtrack to its design, this game is sleek, challenging, and brutal in a way I absolutely loved.

  • Animal Crossing is one of the most charming games I've ever played. I love being a part of this sweet little world full of my sweet little friends. Also, I'm very power hungry and I love being a mayor.

  • I spent many long summers with my sister playing Perfect Dark on our N64. There are a ton of different customization options for PVP matches and an engaging campaign. There is also a gun that can disguise itself as a laptop, so what's not to like?

  • The Sims is a classic as far as I'm concerned. I've played every Sims game in the main series, and I imagine I'll continue that streak with whatever they put out next. I really love a game where you can set your own goals and each playthrough is different depending on the characters you make.

  • It's always tough to pick your favorite Zelda game, but there's something about this handheld that's so dang good. It updates the map from A Link to the Past to create a fresh take on a classic.

  • Syndicate is so good in many ways, but one of my favorite things about it was its diverse cast of characters. There was something so refreshingly normal about the inclusion of different gender identities, races, and ages. Obviously, we still have a long way to go, but pushes towards inclusion are necessary and good.

  • I'll always have a soft-spot for the Nancy Drew series. I find the puzzles challenging, the stories spooky, and the earnest writing endearing. Also, these games make me just plain nostalgic.

  • I love so many things about this game: the warm aesthetics, the rich characters, and the bittersweet story. Also, Bucket is the best dog name that ever was.

  • I love a Western in pretty much any context, and RDR does the genre so well. Exploring the Wild West with John Marston remains one of the best video game experiences I've had.

  • I impulse bought this game with low expectations, but I was hooked immediately. Splatoon manages to be fun, fast paced, and fresh throughout hours of gameplay. Splatoon alone made the WiiU worth getting.

  • This game is best played knowing little about it going in. The Beginner's Guide asks questions about why we create art and the ways in which we consume it. This game stayed with me for long after I played it and if you're a creative, I think it'll stay with you, too.

  • The Last of Us is one of the greatest video games of this decade, but in many ways, it's DLC surpasses it. Left Behind is incredibly moving, human, and real in a way that many games often aren't.

  • I?LOVE?THIS?GAME?. It's so funny and weird and unique and FUN! There is truly nothing like this series and it has the best soundtrack I've ever heard.

  • This game is perfect and I will not hear otherwise.

  • I love the rebooted Lara Croft almost as much as I love the satisfying bow-and-arrow combat and puzzling tombs.

  • I love a game with a sense of humor and Tomodachi Life does not disappoint. I am an artist when it comes to making Miis and this is one of the few games where I can put my photo-real Ellen Degeneres to good use.