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Simplicity, Perhaps To A Fault 0

Sound Shapes is many things. It's simple, it's beautiful, it's musical, and it's Fifteen US dollars. Now it only needed to be two of those things but the others are along for the ride as well.Sound Shapes is a 2D platformer with a nice twist in that you actually help create the music. Yes, you heard me right. Scattered throughout levels you will constantly find little circles that represent music notes. The more you hit, the more complete the soundtrack to your platforming adventure.The game doe...

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A Decent Game May Have Just Killed An Excellent Franchise 0

Resistance is one my personal favorite FPS franchises, and sadly, it seems like Burning Skies will most likely be the end of it.Resistance 3 was one of the greatest FPS games ever made. And I mean that. It's relatively short length was the only thing keeping it from a 10/10 rating from me. However, the market at large failed to recognize that greatness. A measly 180,000 copies sold worldwide did little to convince Sony this was a franchise worth continuing. Insomniac has left it behind to pursue...

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The Best Half of a Game I've Ever Played 15

If the title of the review didn't clue you in already, you probably have a good guess at what my biggest problem with The Darkness 2 is. I'm so fucking sick of it too, this is the third game I've reviewed in a row that suffers from this terrible disease.It's too fucking short. I completed this game on the same night I bought it, which also happened to be it's launch day. Started playing at about 5 PM and finished around 11:30 PM. That is bullshit. Unacceptable even, and this is where I draw the ...

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Good Fun, But Feels Incomplete 0

I am a big fan of the F.E.A.R franchise. The first game was a really good Japanese Horror film turned FPS and was splendid. The second dropped the "japanese" flair but managed to be a good product as well. The third installment had a lot to live up to and switching over to a new and relatively inexperienced developer had me worried for awhile.Let the record show that this game was undoubtedly made with a co-op focus, so I took the liberty of playing through it three times for this review. Once i...

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The End of Humanity Has Never Felt So Good 0

November 17th, 2006.It feels like so long ago that I first purchased my PS3 and with it, a copy of the finest launch title available, Resistance: Fall of Man. I had so much fun with that game and it really set me up for all the good times that would be on the way for my PS3 and I. It wasn't a perfect game, and admittedly even as an FPS, it had a few rough edges. But I was so impressed by the bleak atmosphere and large-scale battles that it didn't matter as much.Resistance 2 was a set-back, altho...

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