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Ipod game impressions and more PS3 impessions

Well I recently bought a new Ipod(A.-Because I needed a new MP3 player and B.- Because I wanted to play some of the games) and have been playing alot of games on it(most of them free) here are my impressions of each: 
Flight Control: Very addictive but some frustration in some levels. Also very good that I can play music while I play it 
Drop7: Also pretty addictive and really deep but the concept at first was incredibly convulted, got accostumed to it. 
Fieldrunners: I don't like that it doesn't have a specific grid but it's balance as far as towers and money is fantastic. Wish there were more stages. 
Rolando: Very Very good game. It really is a showcase of the ipod' s technology in games only complaint is sometimes from moving the ipod so much you can't see it  
Topple 2: Good art style and good gameplay but I dislike the use of the gyrometer
Zen Bound LITE: Got the trial version, liked it but just  little bit too anoying to use to fingers on the device 
Squareball LITE: LOVE the artstyle kind of difficult but  in a ninja gaiden way 
Idracula LITE: Good shooter but just tad inprecise 
Geodefense LITE: Good balance but very unforgiving 
Eliss LITE: I like the art style but using two fingers is a little bothersome  
Star Defense prelude: Dislike the art style but best balance of all the TD game on th ipod  
Critter Crunch LITE:I like both the art style and the puzzle mechanics but it gets a little overpopulated with new elements. 
Anymore recomendations on games and also out of all the lite games which should I buy first? :) 
Now onto the PS3 
Finally finished MGS4. I really enjoyed what they did with the story and all through the last acts I felt were very epic from the boss fights to the cuscenes. Now as far as the fights between the Metal Gears and the Beauty and the Beast fights are good(especially mantis),but the boss fight I most remember as being an enjoyable gameplay experience was Vamp's it takes every little part of the game from gunplay to the CQC and just condences it in a few minutes plus what comes after that is fantastic. The thing I disliked the most was that Kojima like's to make my hands to cramp with non stop triangle mashing.As far as the last boss battle I liked ibut I felt it could have been so much more epic. 
Alot of people told me that LBP would get frustrating and it has but it is not the platforming or the levels but the physics are incredably annoying and that is why I have stopped playing it. 
In an attempt to finish Uncharted I went through 5 chapters in a day(12-17) and really like how the game semi changed its pace but something has gone wrong with the disc and it freezes everytime it starts loading I guess I will never finish this game. 
Oh also I got 100 dollars for my birthday last Wednesday, I was thinking on putting 20 dollars of my own and getting Batman and Halo 3 ODST  but I wanna hear from you what I should get