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@Sankis said:

Sankis never dies, he's only missing in action.

Made this for you.

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@Video_Game_King said:


Pro tip: you can use Alt+Print Screen to do a Print Screen only for the window you're using at the moment. That way, you don't get the white space below.

Actually, I have been. Check the screenshots higher up on the most recent update. Those are fine. It's the way I was leaving paint up even though I was periodically resizing and restarting Dwarf Fortress, not the way I was taking the screenshots.

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Davey is miserable. He keeps throwin' fits, and I can't do much about it. Maybe we have to put him down for

the safety of the other Dorfs. I'll watch him for now. No one's willing or maybe no one's free to hook up the

bridge yet. Don't know why that's happenin'. I told some other people that they were mechanics now, but they

don't want to. We have the supplies.

I took a walk out on the grounds to clear me head, and found something pretty bad outside that I must'o missed

just after the last Gobbo skirmish.

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RIP in peace, buddy. Maybe someday that statue'll get real tall.

Some nice chap finally hooked up the lever for me after I started pointin' at every Dorf who walked through the

room and shouting at them to do it for me. I don' really know how that mechanical stuff works. I just like farmin'

and drinkin'.

Davey had another fit and a ghost went and hung out with him until he calmed down and went to sleep. I don' think he

liked that much. He was cryin'. I finally gave the order to start engravin' all those slabs we have. I'm real tired.

I don't think I'm much cut out for this overseer stuff. But the human caravan finally left, and we got in some new Dorfs

that I can put to work. If nothin' else, they can haul in the corpses before I close up the bridge. I don' think we can

survive with all these Gobbos for much longer. But they haven't been 'round in a couple o' weeks, at least. Maybe

they're gone?

I made some o' the new Dorfs chief medical Dorf and broker, since they all had some talent.

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I have a real bad feelin' for some reason. No idea what it's for. Like me senses are warnin' me against somethin'.

Maybe it already happened? I c'n just shake it off. Need to focus on putting them ghost Dorfs to rest this month.

It's not gonna be a real fun time for me engravers.

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Everyone was real excited to meet the new people. BoG and Id, the only two other than Davey that are still alive

from when the fort was founded, are ecstatic now. Davey's still real sad. I'm worried about him. I think he

misses Sankis. We still find bodies from time to time as we enter th' month o' Sandstone.

Davey threw another tantrum today. I'm thinkin' o' sealin' him in his room before he hurts someone. It'd be a

real shame, but maybe it'd keep the fort safe from his hissy fits.

The humans left behind a couple'o merchants and a yak. They went insane today. I think they started killin' each other,

but I couldn't watch because Kogsak, the possessed Dorf from a while back went stark raving mad, too. He stripped naked

and then ran around screaming and crying. He gave me a hug. One of the humans ran away from the insane yak, and the other

one just got sad and sat down next to it. They're just starin' at each other now. No one wants to get near them, but

they're interruptin' a lot o' work.

After a while o' this, I sent the Cloisters to kill them both, like a good overseer would. One o' the new migrants came and killed

them both. It turns out, the yak still had a lot o' trade items on it, so we took those into the fort. Lots o' logs, cheese

and good stuff. I'm scared the humans will come back for us now.

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It's Timber now. We've seen no Gobbos for over a month. I think we scared them off! It's a happy day in the fort for all

the Dorfs still alive. We're still cleanin' up the corpses of friends, alright, but we might not have to do any more.

We have food, alcohol, beds and everything we need to survive the winter.

An outpost liason came from...

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Someplace. We ignored them.

Kogsak, Rith and Davey are all pretty upset. I'm tryin' to help them out, but it's hard. Almost like they want to be upset.

Though Kogsak is just insane at this point. Maybe that's why the others are upset?

I talked to Rith. Her baby and brother died last month, and the baby is haunting her. That sounds bad. I'm gonna to get some

more slabs to engrave. Like I thought, Davey was upset about Sankis.

I set up some more jobs for the idle Dorfs, and everything was looking up. Then the Gobbos came back on the 16th Timber.

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I just sent the Cloisters out to -

No Caption Provided


Kadol was outside. He was the first one down. I managed to get off the alert in time to stop anyone else from dyin'. We're

sealed inside now. The bridge is up. I'm not lowerin' it any time soon and exposin' my Dorfy comrades to that kind'o violence


I watched the Gobbos from just outside o' the fort. Eventually, another group o' them came and they all charged the Dorf liason

and his buddies. One of the Dorfs got real weird, twitchin' and what-not, and he killed almost all of them by himself. Then the liason

left. What a weird bunch o' Dorfs. They left right around the time it turned to winter. It's Moonstone now.

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Dorfs are startin' to cheer up. Maybe we can still make it.

Three more months. Here we go.

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Oh, I'm going to sleep soon. I'll definitely work on the fort some more tomorrow. I have the next two days off, so I'll be finishing soon, one way or another. Hopefully I'll have a save to turn over. Wish me luck.

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Alright, here's what I have at the moment. Some not good stuff is happening in Shimmeroiled. I'm not sure I can hold it together for almost six more months.

Welp, it's me again, fellas. I got to sit down for almost ten minutes this time. Then someone screamed at me and I got back up and back to work.

Those Gobbos are bein' nice an' patient while I finish up the bridge. One o' dem smiled at me, and I smiled back real wide-like. Then he

started eatin' the corpse of the cat they killed out there last month.

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Thob finally got 'round to startin' on the bridge, but he took one look at the Gobbos on the other side and ran away, back into the fort.

I guess some things you just have to do yourself. I tried, anyway, but then one o' the Gobbos threw a big stick at me and started laughin',

laughin' just like Urist used to laugh at me. So I shouted, I shouted at him, "You havin' a laugh? You havin' a laugh at me?" And then I

laughed right back at him. I don't think he liked that. Suspended bridge construction until they starve to death.

A week later, the Gobbos finally got bored and left. Never stopped starin' at me, though. Real uncomfortable. Could tell from all the way

down by the still. BoG is throwin' a party, but only him, Sankis and Davey showed up. That don't sound real fun to me, so I just went to check

on the stone slabs for engravin'.

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A human caravan came, but they took one look at all the Dorf corpses, rivers of blood and the impassable moat and turned right around.

I waved as they left. No one waved back. I was a little disappointed. At least Thob finally finished that bridge, the day after. Maybe

next time migrants come in, we can have them sit in for a bit before they see how horrible things is here and take off. I miss me mum.

I lowered down the bridge so the other Dorfs could get a nice taste o' the outside for a while, and then an ambush force o' Gobbos

came in right that second. I sent the Cloisters after 'em. Then they all turned inta doors. Wait, did I imagine that? Must've.

No Caption Provided

Catten sighed at me when I sprinted out across the bridge to start collectin' stray cat teeth from where the last group o' Gobbos

knocked 'em out right good from that poor kitten. But he grabbed his stuff and went out to kill some Greenies. And...well, he put

up a brave fight, that he did. Rest in peace, chum. Dodok got real angry when all this happened, came out and killed two Gobbos single-handed.

Then the humans from the caravan showed up again, I guess for the Gobbos. They put a real quick end to the rest of them out there.

Just wish they'd been a bit quicker for Imush, Zuglar, Minkot, maybe Sibrek and big, strong Catten. We lost a lot o' good Dorfs this day.

Dodok dropped her weapons and everyone started to get back to their normal routines, when Goblins came back to the fort.

This was gettin' real old. We couldn't take much more o' these Goblins interferin' with our day-to-day. No one had hooked up the bridge to

the lever, yet. I couldn't even trap them out. I removed Dodok from the Cloisters again and told the surviving military to get out there

and die protecting their home. Maybe I could've left out part of that, but they all looked pretty depressed anyhow. I hoped those humans

would still help us. Kol was already a goner, just from where he was when the Gobbos showed up.

As Dodok, her baby, Etur, Vucar and Endok were slaughtered outside helplessly, Kogsak, a simple hauler-Dorf was possessed. The humans struggled

this time to chase away the Gobbos. The Dorfs around here are used to tragedy. Only 27 of us now. I sent someone to finish hookin' up

that lever. I think I'm going to close off the outside until we get some migrants. If we get some migrants. It's Autumn now.

One o' the Goblins wandered into the fort and had his spine broken by a rock trap. He can't move. I don' know what to do with him.

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We're goin' to need more slabs to engrave. A lot more.

Tired o' seein' this Gobbo in my fort, I walked after him as he started limpin' away, at last. I grabbed him and tore his ear off, then beat him

to death right good with my shield. I see brains. Me mum would be proud.

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I'm going to go ahead and keep going for a while, but this is another point in the game where I have to proceed very slowly, lest my fort descend into a very special kind of chaos. I'll do my best to keep it running.

Edited at 12:09 AM central to add a small update.

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Well, I worked out my real life shit. I appreciate the comments. Wasn't as bad as it first seemed. I just got home from work, so I'm going to relax for a while and then spend the rest of the night on DF. Expect an update late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Thanks for waiting.

Edit: SO



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Something bad happened in my personal life. I'm not doing any DF today. Sorry.

I still have a few days on my week timer, though, so I will be finishing my turn. Just won't be as soon as I'd like. Thought I'd let you know.

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I'm glad you're all enjoying it.

@Video_Game_King said:

@Zombie_Shakespeare said:

You better find that damn cat!

Got you covered, buddy.

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Well, here we are again, fellow Dorfs.

I had someone check outside, and when he came back, he told me that he took a look 'round outside and saw a bunch o' Elves and Goblins

still hangin' out. Some o' our Dorfs are out there, too. A couple o' children, too. Then he collapsed and died from all the arrows in his spine.

I had someone tuck him in the corner and then told them to go get the stone for the wall. In the mean-time, good ol' Dodok took her baby back

over to the front entrance and broke all the Elf's limbs. Then she passed out from all the pain of having her right arm pulped.

One o' the other past overseers, Davey, also took out the fight and beat the piss out o' a Goblin pikeman.

No Caption Provided

Then he took a nice long nap outside on the ground.

Someone told me that beefy girl Dodok is also 'chief medical Dorf'. That sounds bad. She's pretty not awake right now, and new

Dorfs be comin' in every few minutes with their guts hangin' out right good. Seein' as how most the Gobbos were gone at this point,

I told my team they could go ahead and nix out on the big wall I told 'em to build. They seemed happy with that. I must be a

natural leader! Other than that, the rest of the yaks got real mad. Some o' the Goblins came in a while ago and killed some o' them,

so I think they're just lonely. I went and cuddled with one for a while, until he headbutted me in the face and tried to trample me.

Then some Dorf came over and showed him a real bad time.

No Caption Provided

He got up after a while, though.

(BoG, Sankis, Davey, Seaborgium and I are at this point all alive, and except for Davey (who is just sleepy), entirely healthy, as far as I can tell)

And then a spooky ghost appeared just outside! I think he was tellin' me somethin', but I was too busy cleanin' up those bloodstains to really

listen all proper-like. A bunch o' children started runnin' around him in circles, which I thought was nice. They weren't scared o' playin'

with a good Dorf just 'cause he died from a decent skull smashin'. I told one of me Dorfs to put his body in the garbage pile out front later.

Then I remembered about all the other corpses outside. I told them to go ahead and do them, too. After that, a Gobbo came back in from outside.

It didn't seem too smart to me, since he got cut down in about five seconds. Him and a buddy.

Then someone came and told me that a new Gobbo, name o' Dangspespo came in lookin' for children to steal! I told him that was right fine,

since I never liked kids ever since Urist from next door grabbed me by my beard and made me dance naked for the other children.

What was I sayin'? Oh, yeah. I told Dodok that since she's got doctorin' to do, she can take a break from killin' and go do some o' that.

She liked that just fine. I put that fine Sankis fella in her spot, and promoted one o' the other Dorfs to captain o' the Cloisters, since

Vucar, the old one, was dyin' in a pretty painful lookin' way, with his toes oozin' and all. Watchin' them Dorfs crawl all over the place movin'

piles o' corpses was comfortin'. I knew all those Dorfs were at peace, except the ones that weren't.

It went great until ol' Deduk, a Dorf who was just haulin' most o' the time, snapped and started yellin' and screamin' and makin' all

kinds of noise. Then he tackled Bim and punched him so hard that his liver popped. By then, Catten had gotten there, and he chopped Deduk's

legs off and then went and did some fishin' for a while while Bim bled out on the floor next to him.

No Caption Provided

Someone told me we'd lost about 10 Dorfs, all in all, in the Gobbo siege. That seemed okay to me. Me mum hates it when it's crowded.

Over the next few weeks, Lorbam created masterpieces, but he always seemed to tuck 'em behind his back when I came to look.

Davey drank a lot every time he saw a ghost, and Sankis always had "somethin' else to do" whenever I asked him to help me clean.

Seaborgium found a lot of corpses out and about in the wilderness outside the fort, and BoG was...BoG. He gives me the creeps. I

don't think he likes that I startin' callin' him 'bawg'.

After a few more weeks, I noticed some Dorf named Edem across the moat. Same name as me mum. He waved and told me there was no way across,

and that he would really like some food. So I went back inside. Never did see that fella again.

No migrants showed up, either. I wouldn't want to come to a fort covered in so much blood that you can see it from the mountains.

No Caption Provided

Then ol' Olin died from infection. Dorfs flooded in to take his socks. Vucar is still alive, somehow.

On the 15th Felsite, some Elfy folk showed up with a big wagon and got real confused lookin' at our moat. Then some more Gobbos tried to

ambush us from across the moat. I decided they could duke it out themselves, between the two groups of 'em. They kinda just stared at each

other until the Goblins chased down and killed some stray cats and the couplo' Dorfs that never made it back in the fort. I'm sure they

managed to work out their differences with the Elves.

No Caption Provided

After that, one o' me advisors encouraged that I somehow put the ghosts roaming the fort to rest. They were makin' some Dorfs very

unhappy. So I told him to work up some slabs of stone that we could put engravin's on. He seemed to like that idea just fine.

After gettin' a new manager in the office (Sankis was always lazin' about), I had him set the orders for the slabs and then set to work on

a bridge. Ever since the two Dorfs that got caught outside died to those nasty Gobbos, I thought it might be nice. Between that and migrants,

my advisors say I'm the smartest Dorf ever, just like me mum used to. I took some of our gold nuggets, had them smelted down

and built the drawbridge out of that. Here's where the lever is.

No Caption Provided

But some bad news is that migrants arrived 'fore I finished the bridge. Or one, anyway. Then more Gobbos came and wiped 'em up. I felt bad.

Might be time I finally get a break from leading the fort. Even if only for a few hours. Don't know how long these Dorfs'll last without me.

Well, there's a big chunk of year gone. I know I am being very wordy, but I really don't want to just leave out a lot of pieces that I consider important. Just not the way it works for me. Anyway, I don't work until the afternoon once again tomorrow, so I'll do some more tonight and hopefully I can wrap this up tomorrow so the next person can take their turn. It is currently the 7th of Galena (late summer), meaning I am just short of half finished. I'll try to be briefer in content, but no promises on whether it actually will be. That's just my writing style, and I know it'd be pretty easy to glaze over it if you wanted to.

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I just thought I'd let you guys know that my day off is being spent well. Although I'm not focusing entirely on DF, the majority of the last four and a half hours has been. I'm almost all the way through Felsite. Elf caravan came, with some...interesting developments. But the fort made it. I'll post an update sometime later.