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Short gaming update

Not much new right now.  I am enjoying The Force Unleashed but I got distracted this weekend with Burnout Bikes and the double XP event on PS3 Call of Duty 4.

I really like playing COD4 online but I’m really not that good at it.  There are some stages where I can do pretty well, but others I just get my ass handed to me.  I don’t think I play it enough to develop real good skills at it.  There are just too many games I want to play to stay with it.  I’m glad though because I was able to jump up a few levels this weekend.  Had a fun time.

Also, I really enjoy Burnout Bikes.  These are the best motorcycles I have ever played in a racing game.  Just the right mix of arcadey and sim style handling to make them immensely fun.  I’ve already completed all the Burning and Midnight Rides for my 100% license.  I’ve completed about 45 out of 70 online bike challenges, and now I just need to work on the Road Rules.

I decided to cancel my Force Unleashed reservation at GameStop and get the game at Toys R Us instead once I found out they were giving out $20 gift cards with the purchase.  I used the gift card to pick up Disgaea 3 with it.  I am looking forward to Mega Man 9 and Wipeout HD this week but I don’t know if I will be able to afford them both this week.  We’ll have to wait and see how the money goes.

That’s about it right now.  My progress on Condemned 2 and The Simpsons Game has been slow this weekend with Burnout and COD4.  I’ll probably play some more Force Unleashed and Condemed 2 this week and hopefully finish them both so I can start on either Mega Man or Wipeout.  Oh, and I’m pretty excited now that we can buy PSN gift cards at Blockbuster now!  I’m still boycotting Blockbuster but I can’t imagine they make much money on them; at least not directly.  And I’d still rather shop there than GameStop.