Best games of 2016

Sadly, another year short of good games. I can't even think of 10. :(

(Yes, i played doom - and it was boring.. shut it :) .. Overwatch was fun.. for like 2 days)

In no real order, here are the best games of 2016.

List items

  • Blood and wine DLC was amazing. Better than any game that came out this year.

  • I wanted to like the first game more than I did. (i have a hard time remembering it.) But i really liked dishonored 2.

  • game play is pretty much the same as the last one, but that doesn't mean it isn't good.

  • I had a good time with this. Play with friends. It isn't a MMO, so don't expect it do be.

  • Not much staying power - ie, i wouldn't want to play it again. The DLC sucked, but, while playing xcom 2 i really enjoyed it.

  • Not my fav BF, but I enjoyed it.

  • real good! (if a little short)

  • super fun to just fuck around. Good choice to release it a little at a time. If i played it like a normal game and just did missions it wouldn't have been as fun.