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Project Giant Robot is a game being developed by a team head by Shigeru Miyamoto at Nintendo for the Wii U. It was demonstrated publicly for the first time at E3 2014 in a prototype form. Nintendo officially confirmed the cancellation of the game on February 1st, 2017 after their quarterly financial results briefing.


In Giant Robot, the player customizes the structure of a giant robot and does battle with other robots. The robot is controlled through a combination of stick/button input on the Wii U GamePad and the use of the GamePad's gyroscope sensor. The TV screen displays the action from a pulled-out bird's eye view, while the GamePad screen displays the action from the cockpit of the player's robot.

The basic objective is to defeat enemy robots by knocking them over; a concept inspired by the rules of sumo wrestling. The player is able to control each of the robot's arms individually to punch, and robots can also fire lasers at each other. In the E3 prototype, the ability to kick had not been implemented, but such actions are planned for the full version of the game. The player loses if their own robot is knocked over. To avoid this, the player must use the gyroscope sensor in the GamePad to help maintain their robot's balance.

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