Project Gotham Racing 3

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 14, 2005

    The Project Gotham Racing franchise continues on the Xbox 360 as a launch title. The online play and focus on driving with style from the earlier games in the franchise remained, but the game saw a graphical leap and a different approach to content than its predecessor.

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    Pro Racing 0

    The release of a next generation console is finally here and with it, it has brought us the usual racing franchises showing off all that glossy shine that a new console brings to the table. Throughout the history of video games infact, the racing genre has neither really succeeded nor let us down over the years. One thing for certain however is that with these new days of graphical advancement in video games racing games always seem to show off all the capabilities of their time. I will admit ho...

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    I feel the need for speed! 0

    This game made Project Gotham Racing my favorite racing series. Yes I like this series even more than Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport. It really captures the spirit of driving more than it's competitors.The graphics are fantastic, especially for a launch game and still hold up against the likes of Forza Motorsport 2, DiRT, and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The textures are top notch, everything is super shiny and colorful, but I think the biggest standout is the lighting which is some of the best I'...

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    Project Gotham Racing 3 quickly sets the bar high. Amazing! 0

    Bizarre Creations have come up with yet another graphical showcase on Microsoft’s console. Hours and hours of footage and hundreds of pictures made it possible for them to create photo-realistic vehicles and environments. The game features 80 licensed supercars and the environments span over Tokyo, New York, London, Las Vegas and Nürburgring. The soundtrack features songs from genres like Hip Hop, J-Pop and even Classical. There’s the online play you could find in PGR 2 and even an online career...

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    Reliving The Xbox 360 Launch: Burning Rubber In The City 0

    I was nearly a year late to the Xbox360 party, so I missed out on many of the system's "exciting" launch titles.  The year 2005 was rough, not only because I had to do without Joanna Dark,  but because I missed out on Peter Moore's lucent dreams and power brick weight lifting sessions.     Well, two years later, I eventually came back to the shoddy FPS that is Perfect Dark Zero, and walked away unimpressed.  The bland single-player missions and multiplayer that reeked of the N64 generation did...

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    One of the best racing games ever made. 0

    Funny how things work. I really didn't like PGR2, at all. I thought it felt average and I didn't like the focus on kudos. I wasn't sure what to expect from PGR3. I tried the demo and I can't say I was impressed. But I got the chance to buy it cheap so I thought what the hell let's do it. Let's just say that I do not regret my purchase in the least. I think part of what makes PGR3 click that much more for me than PGR2 did are the achievement points. In PGR2 I didn't have the motivation to try t...

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    Sticks to a formula that works well, keeps thing's fresh. 0

    Project Gotham Racing hasn’t been around for too long but it has made a name for itself within the racing genre over the last couple of years. With its unique blend of racing and stylish moves and combos it really has hit a niche in the market that appeals to the masses. There is a lot of expectation surrounding this game, not only because fans want to know what direction the series is heading but more importantly they want to know how this game will shape up going into the next generation. This...

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    All the aspects of the game is strong 0

    Project Gotham Racing 3 Review:Gameplay - The good: I have played the previous games in the series and I have to say that PGR3 really got advanced in the driving experience since the driving mechanics are really realistic you almost feel like you are driving the car you are choosing and I haven't experienced nothing like this before from a racing game. I like more racing games like need for speed most wanted where you drive cars and street race illegally with police cars chasing after you. But P...

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    A retrospective 0

    This was the first game I ever bought for the 360, the following day after launch night and after the torrid 8 hour queue with friends on that cold December evening. To say I played this game to destruction would be an understatement (The disc started cracking before I finished the career mode). The visuals were extremely impressive back then, but looking at this now (I've recently bought a copy second-hand), it feels dated and limited, whereas its bigger brother, PGR4, ups the stakes with the s...

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