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Project: Velyria is a browser-based MMORPG developed by MADSOFT Games, inc.. Drawing inspiration from dungeon-crawlers such as Wizardry and Etrian Odyssey, Project: Velyria challenges players with randomized dungeons, intense turn-based battles, and resource management. With four base classes, thirty-six class advancements, and customizable weapons and armor, players can build their character to fit their play-style. Like many MMOs, Project: Velyria also features in-game item trading, alliances, and crafting.


The sun has reached its end. Its imminent self-destruction threatens to annihilate the entire solar system, taking the Homeworld and its population along with it. To prevent this catastrophe, the Homeworld's government assembled a team of specialists and tasked them with colonizing a new planet. On the thirty-first day of 5629, the starship Destiny launched, carrying those brave few out into the unknown. Were they to succeed, the colonists would return to the Homeworld and aid in the evacuation.

Upon landing on a seemingly suitable planet, the colonists experienced a few weeks of relative calm. With the base nearing completion and supplies beginning to diminish, the colonists sought to use the abundance of subterranean resources the planet had to offer. Additionally, the successful implementation of the Inter-Core Polarization Device would be dependent on its initial depth of deployment, further motivating the colonists to descend into Velyria' depths. However, these forays into the planet's vast underground caves did not go unnoticed.

Unbeknownst to the colonists, the planet was already inhabited. On the night of fiftieth day on Velyria, the monsters surfaced, launching an all-out attack on Velyria's colonists. The horde of monsters destroyed Destiny and decimated the colony's population.

The game begins after the monster invasion as the colony scrambles to put their lives back together. Trapped and alone, players must take up arms against the monster threat and push the beasts back down into the earth.

The story is primarily told through conversations with NPCs that feature branching dialogue. Conversations may also assign missions, unlock codec numbers, or give players key items to aid them in their quests.



Project: Velyria is built upon a branching class system. Each base class is given three class advancements at the tenth level. Each advancement unlocks a new weapon type exclusive to the advancement as well as new skills. Going forward, players can choose to adopt the new weapon type or focus on the base weapon.

Soldiers represent the typical warrior class seen in RPGs. Using blades as their primary weapon, they dole out greater damage than the other classes. The Soldier advancements consist of the Fighter, the Lancer, and the Knight. In order, they wield the axe, the spear, and the hammer.

The Recruit class fulfills the role of rogue by focusing on their pinpoint accuracy and deft agility to get them through battle. The Recruit class uses modified bows, often called Rocket-Propelled Bolt (RPB) launchers. The Scout, the Arbalist, and the Gunslinger make up the Recruit's three class advancements, unlocking daggers, crossbows, and pistols respectively.

The Scientist class use their profound intellect to harness the power of nanobots, microscopic machines that can be programmed to deal damage, to inflict a variety of status effects on opponents, or to heal the player's character. The base weapon for the Scientist is the control staff. Each of the three class advancements unlocks a new weapon: the Terraformer unlocks rods, the Psychic unlocks tonfas, and the Technician unlocks whips.

Workers are the armoured tanks of Velyria, preferring to weather the storm of enemy attacks rather than investing in agility. Initially, the workers use adapted pickaxes for combat, though they can advance to using explosives, gauntlets, or wrenches, depending on whether they pick the Miner, the Engineer, or the Mechanic class advancement.

There is a secondary class advancement in each class lineage at level thirty.


In order to complete missions and defeat monsters, players must explore the maze-like tunnels beneath Velyria's surface. Maps are tile-based and randomized for each player, remaining persistent once they have been generated.Each floor has specific monsters to fight which players can encounter in random battles.


Combat in Project: Velyria is turn-based with up to three monsters appearing on screen. Monsters are separated into three size categories, small, medium, and large, which determines the number of monsters that can appear in each battle. After completing a battle, experience points, credits, and items are given to the player as a reward.

Massively Multiplayer Interactions

Players can trade items with each other using the in-game messaging system. Players can also form alliances, allowing them to access alliance-only skills and missions, as well as a private storage for excess items.

Founder's Packs

Project: Velyria is currently in pre-alpha. Players looking to support the game can purchase Founder's Packs which, depending on the reward tier selected, can contain some of the following:

  • Exclusive weaponry and armour sets
  • Additional character slots
  • Inventory expansions
  • Skill reassignment coupons
  • Madgems and in-game credits
  • Access to the private alphas and betas
  • An achievement on the Madjestic Network


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