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Psaro is a humanoid monster and the ruler of Diabolic Hall. He spends most of the game trying to kill the Hero , and eventually kills him (as he believes; in reality, it was somebody assuming the identity of the Hero) by the beginning of the 5th Chapther. Some time during this period, he meets an elf girl named Rose with whom he falls in love. She avoids human contact, for she cries (fake) rubies that the humans want. Some time after he "kills" the Hero, he discovers the location of the Ruler of Evil, Estark. He succeeds, but the Chosen Ones were able to take Estark down. Immediately after hearing this, a monster warns Psaro of Rose's fate. She is killed by humans seeking her ruby tears. Psaro arrives right before she dies. Grief-stricken and enraged, he decides that the only way to get his revenge on the human race is to wipe them out completely. He takes up the name Psaro the Manslayer and then discovers the Secret of Evolution, which allows him to take up the same form as Estark and ultimately become the new Ruler of Evil, the price being all his memories of his past life. The Chosen Ones then defeat him--ending the game in the original NES version.

In all subsequent remakes, however, there's an additional chapter with an alternate ending. In this chapter, the Chosen Ones resurrect his beloved Rose and take her to him. He then comes to his senses and changes back to his original form. Psaro goes on to join the group of the Chosen Ones to defeat the true final boss, Aamon, who orchestrated Rose's death as a means to rise to power.

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