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A great experience, and oh yes, there are puzzles 6

To put it briefly, Puzzle Agent 2 is a collection of puzzles which are wrapped in a striking, memorable package: the hand-drawn sprites that make up the graphics are uniformly gorgeous in their sketchy, sparse style; the writing is an effective mix of understated creepiness and dry humour with little injections of the purely bizarre played for great effect; and the voice-acting of the characters is fantastic. There are more puzzles than in the first game, and they are more challenging, which is ...

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Puzzle Agent 2 Review 0

It is time once again to step into the shoes of the FBI's best puzzle solver, Nelson Tethers. For those of you who haven't played the first game, I'm sorry but I have to divulge some secrets. This game starts up where the last one left off. You have returned from Scoggins and find that even though you solved the case of the eraser factory, you are left unsatisfied. There was so much more left unexplained, and the puzzle solver in you screams to be able to put the missing pieces that were left mi...

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Agent Tethers, You've Done It Again. 0

Mirror post of my on-site review.Puzzle Agent 2, Telltale Games' sequel to its well-received Puzzle Agent, released last year, is an extended and entertaining continuation of the first game's story and gameplay. While it doesn't do a ton of new and exciting things with the formula, it continues where the first left off with a wildly entertaining storyline, some great mind-boggling puzzles, and an overarching mystery that will keep you going "Huh...What?!" until the end. It also improves on a han...

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Nice Sequel 0

Puzzle Agent 2 continues the story of Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent almost directly where that one left off. This is a good, because the first game raised more questions than it gave answers.Agent Tethers returns to Scoggins for more puzzles, sadly those are easier puzzles than in the first game. Except for maybe 2 or 3 most puzzles are solvable in a very few steps. This game is no "Layton", but it will require a lot of concentration.Having played game one only 2 days earlier for the first time, ...

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Puzzle Agent 1 and 2: A Review 0

Puzzle Agent is a different kind of adventure game. While most adventure games have environmental puzzles that often involve combining a thing with a thing and then using it on another thing, Puzzle Agent's puzzles are far more abstract and not very related to the overall story, save for a few. Since Puzzle Agent The First is included with Puzzle Agent 2 when you buy them on Steam, I will be reviewing them both as a singular package.The Puzzle Agent games tell the story of Nelson Tethers, an FBI...

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