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Quarrel XBLA Review 0

Not having an iPhone or, well, decent phone in general means I miss out on alot of cool bitesize games I otherwise would have probably become addicted to (if I had any travelling at all to do, that is). Many of these games are starting to work they way into more accessible areas now though: Fruit Ninja Kinect; Words With Friends on Facebook; Angry Birds on PSN and now the latest addition to that list, Quarrel on XBLA.Quarrel is probably best described as a cross between Risk and Scrabble, and as...

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Playing with words is so much fun. My DarkZero review. 0

Apple’s iOS platform has become extremely popular in its years of availability. It’s a good service that allows for people who want to play bite size games on their travels. These games draw you in with simple addictive gameplay or the convenience of a quick five minute pick-up and play session. Not only that, the service allows for developers to create games with minor budgets; in the case of Denki, the developers of Quarrel, it was a clear option to build foriOS after the game’s release on Xbo...

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