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Fighter Aircraft

Primary Fighters

  • Barnstormer - Fokker DR. 1: The ultra-maneuverable Fokker triplane was flown by the greatest combat ace of WWI, the Red Baron. It's three-wing design earned it the nickname "Tripe."

  • Warbird - P38 Lightning: The most ominous-looking fighter of WWII, the P38 was nicknamed "Fork-Tailed Devil" by pilots who flew against it.

  • Jet - F16 Fighting Falcon: One of the meanest multi-purpose light fighters ever made, the F16 is as much at home blasting ground targets as it is in dogfights.

Upgrade Fighters

  • Warbird - P51 Mustang: Many consider the Mustang to be the finest fighter of WWII.

  • Warbird - J7W1 Shinden: The Shinden's powerful engine and "pusher" design make it a formidable combat machine.

  • Jet - MiG29 Fulcrum: Russia's answer to NATO's front-line fighters, the Fulcrum is fast, maneuverable and deadly.

  • Jet - F23 Black Widow: A lethal combination of stealth and firepower, the Black Widow certainly earns its name.

There is also a member of the black market who sells more airplanes for you to pilot.

The Game

The game design is similar to Super Mario Kart. You race in seasons with the completion of each race giving you points for your position and at the end get a ranking. Also similar as you race you can fly through various power ups, such as weapons and health boosters.

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