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Randall is an action side-scroller packed with enemies and traps. The player controls Randall, who has to defeat hordes of enemies in order to escape this nightmare and learn what is going on in City of Nook. Randall relies on his fists to defeat his enemies, on his agility to perform parkour moves and on his brain to control his enemies minds.

Randall has to explore City of Nook. As he stumbles upon power ups, new enemies and new places, some previously locked areas become accessible.



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Randall is a schizophrenic man who has just woke up from a long time. He is an extraordinary fighter who relies on his combat abilities to defeat his foes. He is also a parkour enthusiast who can perform deft moves such as wall climbing and ledge grabs. His newly awakened telepathic powers allow him to get into his enemies minds and control them for short periods of time, using their abilities for his own advantage.

Nook security personnel

Randall's main enemies are mercenaries hired by Nook to keep all opposition at bay. They won't hesitate to gank upon Randall into submission. Their equipment make them incredible powerful and resilient to physical harm. Their mind has been corrupted by greed and power, and they are easy preys for Randall's telepathic abilities. Discover their strengths and weaknesess to defeat them and get some answers.


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They are Nook's main force. Thugs and outcasts who found an opportunity to take their revenge against the society who ditched them. Their lack in strength is greatly compensated by their numbers. They carry a powerful baton and a riot armor that makes them much more resistant. Their weak minds make them an easy prey for Randall's telepathic abilities, but don't let your guard off, they are capable fighters driven by revenge and power.

APE Guards

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They are Nook's elite forces. They are handpicked from the strongest members of the Grunt Corps. Their physical strength and performance caught Nook's attention. Boosted with steroids and bulletproof armors, these brutes were capable of eliminating all resistance in no time. They don't have a mind of their own, and will blindly follow their orders without remorse.


  • This is a Metroidvania kind of adventure.The player has to explore every corner to find power ups, keys and new moves that will grant him access to previously inaccesible areas.
  • Mind control. Randall's telepathic powers allow him to control his enemies minds to use their abilities (or bodies) to his advantage.
  • Environmental awareness. The player has to pay extra attention to his surroundings and use Nook's own infrastructure to defeat Randall's enemies. Turning off steam valves to keep advancing, pushing his foes into deadly pits or use their own traps against them.
  • New moves and abilities. Randall can upgrade his combat, parkour and telepathic abilities to progress through this madness.Earn Steam and Playstation 4 achievements and trophies.


In a dystopian world controlled by a giant corporation, people live as slaves under permanent surveillance. Most of the people are being forced to work in places where they never come out. Every hint of rebellion and disobey is instantly extinguished by private security forces.

Randall wakes up with no memory. He is a strong man with schizophrenia and has the habit of skipping leg days at the gym. He keeps hearing a voice in his head that gives him some useful advice, but also annoys Randall with his jokes and unwanted opinions.

As the game progresses, Randall will realize there is much more than he initially thought about what is going on in this city.


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