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Raul Tejada, voiced by Danny Trejo, is a ghoul who has been alive since before The Great War. He is found being held captive by the Nightkin, Tabitha, at Black Mountain. The password to Raul's door is left on his unlocked terminal as a desperate attempt at escape, knowing the super mutants are too unintelligent to read it anyway.

Raul also has 100% Repair skill. Making him a great ally for the courier. However, this service of repair is an option only if you are at his shack, and he charges caps for the service.

Raul is one of the rare ghouls in the Fallout universe with facial hair.


Before the Great War, Raul grew up on a place called Hidalgo Ranch, which had supported his family for three generation. Raul was known to be quick with hands and gotten into a lot of fights which lead to many run-ins with the police. When the Great War did start, Raul and his family were a safe distance away from Mexico City, where the bombs fell. Days after Mexico City was obliterated, many refugees flooded to Raul's family ranch to seek food and shelter. Raul's family tried to help as many as possible, but there was just too many and not enough supplies to go around. Raul's father started turning people away, and people became hostile. Raul and his father equipped themselves with guns and drove the angered refugees away. Two dozen men came back in the night and torched the ranch where Raul and his family were sleeping. The ranch was barred from the outside so no one could flee. Raul smelled the smoke and got himself and his sister, Rafaela, out through a window. But it was too late to warn everyone else in his family to escape the barn. Raul's parents, grandparents, two brothers, and two other sisters had been burned alive and all died in that barn. Soon afterwards, Raul and Rafaela ran while being pursed by the same men who torched the barn. With Raul being a good shot, he killed his pursers and left the rest of the men alive. He had no time for revenge for his family's killers because he had to focus all his energy on taking care of his sister.

Raul and Rafaela ran away to what was left of Mexico City, due to the fact that the turned-away refugees still wanted them dead and even put an bounty on Raul's head. To keep Rafaela clam and not scared, Raul promised her they would see the vaqueros, a pre-war rodeo group that she loved.When they arrived to the ruins of Mexcio City, it had turned into a radioactive ruin. The destroyed city was still full of looters, that were in the early phases of forming tribes. From there on, Raul and Rafaela turned into scavengers. Attempting to find any food and water to keep them alive; they were also attempting to find any medicine for the burns that Raul received during the fire. At that same time,the high levels radiation had started to kick it, slowly turning Raul into the ghoul that he is today.

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One day, when Raul was scavenging alone, he came across an old vaqueros outfit in an novelty shop. Raul decided to take it with him and wear it back to the camp. When Rafaela saw Raul wearing the vaqueros outfit, she started to laugh. It was the first time that Raul saw Rafaela laugh since the bombs fell. After that, Raul started wearing the vaqueros outfit religiously, and built up a legend of himself because of it. Many young punks would attempt to prove themselves by going after Raul, but his knack for quick eyes and quicker trigger fingers would usually leave the young punks dead.

One day, Raul was too sick to go out scavenging, so Rafaela went out to go look for some food. Raul thought that the place where Rafaela would scavenge would be safe, but he was terribly wrong. A group of raiders were passing through the area where Rafaela was scavenging and had did such unspeakable things to her that the only way for Raul to identify her was by looking at the little scar she had on her knee. Soon afterwards, Raul became crazed and went out to kill all the raiders killed his sister. After doing so, he left Mexico City and found an old Petro-Chico refinery. There he lingered and thought real hard about the life he had lead. He soon decided to take off the old vaquero outfit he kept on for so long, and slipped into an Petro-Chico jumpsuit. The jumpsuit's nametag said "Miguel", so that was the name Raul started using.

Raul decided to leave everything he once was back in Mexico and travel on towards Arizona, eventually ending up in Tuscon. There, Raul found a shack and started fixing things for everyone and anyone. He stayed there for nearly 75 years and kept to himself mostly. Then one day, a girl arrived to Tuscon that Raul admired. He remember the girl just looking like his sister Rafaela, the girl's name was Claudia. Claudia had taken a local job at a brothel as a prostitute. Even though Raul had a crush on her, he never went to her. Instead, he watched over her as her secret protector.

One day, a small gang called Dirty Dave and his six brothers came to Tuscon. The gang were wanting to buy some bullets and Raul sold some to them,hoping they would leave town. But instead the gang took a quick stop to Claudia's Brothel. Shortly afterwards Raul heard gunshots and screams, but by the time he arrived there with his own guns, it was too late. Four other girls were dead and Claudia was kidnapped by the small gang. Raul pursed them without sleeping at nights. After three days of tracking them down, Claudia was already dead with a bullet in each eye. Raul was furious, the same way he was when he found Rafaela. He charged in the middle of the gang's camp killing all of them, but not without taking a large number of bullet wounds. He was severely wounded, and spent a vast deal of time limping back to town. When he did return to Tuscon he more or less recovered and headed west where he encountered Tabitha at Black Mountain. He was a prisoner there until The Courier rescued him.

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