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A lost gem

Raw danger is the sequel to disaster report. The game about surviving natural disasters.
In the last game the natural disaster was dozens of earthquakes and you had to make sure to keep hydrated.
In raw danger your running from a massive flood and you'll have to stay warm. To those that didn't play disaster report...all of you, There is no heath meter just a warmth meter. If you get to cold or wet you die of hypothermia. Also unlike the last game you play as 6 different people instead of just one. 
The concept of the game is a nice change of pace and the controls handle well also.
There is an entire story about terrorism, mad science, murder, and love for you to uncover as you play through the 8 charaters inter weaving stories.
 If you can find it you can get it for like $3.00 dollars, so play it and experience a true lost gem of the ps2 era.

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