So how is the PC version?

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Watching last weeks TNT reminded me that I never played this, so I have decided that now is the time. I would prefer to get the PC version but some of Volition's PC ports can be a bit hit and miss. (Saints row 2 anyone) So what's the verdict on the PC version? Should I pick it up or stick to the 360?

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It's pretty great and there are a lot of mods out for it, including some that add in new vehicles (like a gigantic bulldozer) and weapons (reconstruction gun in single player). The mods aren't perfect, however. For instance, you can tell the game to spawn in whichever vehicles you like at each base location, but if the vehicle's too big for that spawn point it might cause damage to the surrounding buildings. The reconstruction gun works surprisingly well, but if you try to reconstruct material into the same spot where you're standing, the game will crash (so save often and stand back).

Even if you don't want to tinker with it, it's a solid port (MUCH better than Saints Row 2) and I frequently see it on sale for $5. Also a great, great game.

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@LobsterMobster: I agree with many of your points, good sir. I found a mod manager that came with a few mods...there's an explosive pistol mod, but that works for *all* pistols, so early EDF fights are just explosions of death. Had to turn that one off. But the vehicle spawn one is quite nice, as are a few others.
As for the regular game, it's solid. I haven't played it in a long while due to other games that came out, but it ran just fine when I played it.
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Sounds good. What's the controller support like?

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Controller support is spot on. I prefer playing that way.

Though the game can run horrendously, even on good computers. It seems to be worst with ATI cards.

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I played it on Xbox when it came out but when I got a new PC I bought it and I can confirm that it is a great port. I can't remember a single moment that upset me, and it just ran and looked better than the Xbox version.

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Turning off DirectX 10 mode helps performance a fair bit (15-20 fps boost) and you don't miss out on much graphically; only sun rays and some pretty poor looking ambient occlusion. I'm playing the PC version right now and it's fantastic.

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That's it settled then. PC version it is. Thanks guys.

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FWIW, I played it on an ATi card and didn't have a single problem.

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