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    Redacted is a fighter from Divekick. She is a parody of Wolverine from the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise.

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    Redacted is a female skunk bear that was driven from her home in Canada by hunters. It is said she drank some toxic waste near Bel Air that increased her strength and intelligence.

    • Health: 1800
    • Power: 1,219,000,004
    • Hometown: British Columbia, Canada
    • Blood Type: Unknown
    • Likes: Uncle Sensei's cigars, protecting her young, the smell of jeans
    • Dislikes: Cajun spices, Swiss cheese, anything with only one eye

    Divekick: Addition Edition changes

    [?] Fixed a camera bug that occured when the round ended during a wall cling.

    [ + ] Feral Stance (ground special) builds meter about 200% faster.

    [ + ] Cornered Beast (air special) now sends Redacted toward the wall no matter where it is used from. If she makes it to the wall, it leaves her in a wall cling state that drains meter. Tapping Dive from the cling lets her wall jump, tapping Kick lets go.

    [ - ] Cornered Beast (air special) costs ~70% more meter.

    [ - ] Kickfactor speed buff is now 20% lower.


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