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As a descendant of the War God Valhart, Reinhart is rather knowledgeable about the events going on in Legandra, a near-peerless spellcaster and rather quite cocky.

Although he lacks a strong physical constitution, he is still usually tougher than fellow magic-based monarch Teiris, and his spells can be effective for crushing both enemy armies and generals. The combination of his high command stat, Mage type troops and Meteor Storm spell is particularly devastating.

Reinhart's spells are Thunder Fall, Meteor Storm and Summon Guardian.

Reinhart's army

While most countries start with a monarch and 4 generals, then face and recruit a story-specific force of 4 or 5 generals, Reinhart's game seems to forego this early skirmish and simply gives the player the extra story-specific generals as a freebie. His loyal generals are a fairly magic-based force.

PRESTO - A dapper and suave knight with a love for wine and women. He is a knight who learns great spells, but is at the mercy of the game's random stat growth to gain the MP to use them frequently.

TSUGAL - An elderly monk who has known Reinhart since he was a child. He is an old friend of Fandaria's Bagril. He is a capable priest who uses Monks and can resurrect troops.

BARDAL - A pessimistic mage who loves to make music, but isn't very good at it.

SOPHIE - She is a disciplined student of magic, and has a close, sibling-like relationship with Reinhart. However, she is wary of Tradnor's new allies. Sophie learns some great spells, but her stats are rather lacking.

UYRLL - A supernatural woman who has recently joined Tradnor, but seems to have some hidden agenda. Arguably the game's best character, thanks to having Dragon troops, a more effective version of the Resurrection spell, and the MP to use it repeatedly. Additionally, she has great defense and command.

SANTANA - A shady phantom-man who is closely-associated with Uryll. He has Zombie troops and can cast resurrect, however he deserts following a certain storyline event.

ARDOR - A chivalrous knight who loyally serves Uryll. One of the game's best kngihts, he has no shortcomings, and learns a exceptional version of the Thunderfall spell.

GIGG - While this dragonman is supposed to be keeping an eye on Uryll, he hasn't seriously sworn loyalty to anyone. One of only 2 recruitable Dragonmen, Gigg boasts solid physical prowess, Dragon-type troops and spells that do considerable damage to enemy generals.

Story Mode

Reinhart's path through the game is rather unconventional. As the player goes about their business, the Highland army moves around the continent recruiting all the other kingdoms(bar Fandaria). This means that much of the game can be completed with minimal input from the player himself, though doing so could leave Reinhart underlevelled.

This development can also provide a unique challenge for those who choose to play as Reinhart, as they can race Wein to conquer the rest of the continent before he forges each alliance.

Reinhart is also one of only two monarchs to have the option of recruiting Zanon.

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