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Game History

JawBreaker made it's debut to the iTunes Application Store soon after the store launch in July, 2008. It quickly rose to the top free games list with it's simple gameplay and surprisingly challenging difficulty.


At the start of JawBreaker, the screen is filled with colored orbs (4 colors total). The goal of the game is to clear the entire screen of orbs by tapping once to select a group of 2 or more orbs of the same color, and then tapping again to remove them from the field. Unlike most puzzle games, once you remove orbs, there are none that fall back into place.

The game offers a simple hint system, and the ability to undo the last move made.


1.0.2 - released 8/13/08
- ADDED color blind mode
- ADDED optional symbols to make balls easier to distinguish
- RENAMED application to "reMovem"

1.0.1 - released 8/5/08

 - ADDED 200 point bonus for clearing the board

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