RE 6 is the Transformers 3 of videogames (minor spoilers)

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I initially had no intention of playing RE6, but after the reception was so divisive, my curiosity got the better of me. So I spent most of the day playing through all of Jake's campaign with a buddy. And I have to say I was shocked at how much it felt like a Michael Bay movie. Just relentless, wall to wall crazy shit all the time. Some of it was, at least concept-wise, very cool (escaping from the facility from Jake and Sherry's different points of view). Some of it was, in my opinion, ill-conceived (so many cheap one hit deaths). And some of it just left me scratching my head ( Who exactly was throwing cars at us on the highway?). But the thing that struck me the most was just how it never, ever let up. there were no quiet moments or moments of eerie tension, just BOOM! POW! SHAZAAMM!!!! all the fuckin' time.

Now this isn't a criticism per se. Even though I don't enjoy the Michael bay style of super explosion based storytelling, I know a lot of people do and that's cool. And I'm sure Leon's campaign is probably much more methodical. But the thing that stuck out the most was how little fun I had during much of my time with the game. From running around in the snow and not really being able to see anything, to not so great stealth sequences, to running down hallways, to having to fight that chainsaw guy...again, after a while I just kind of wanted to it all to be over. So I while I would never attempt to offer any sort of definitive review or impression of a game I've only played 25% of, I will say that RE6 left me not really ever wanting to play it again. But I can totally see why other people might want to. It's got some very cool ideas. And if you like crazy shit, they got you...

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So RE5 had racist stereotypes and robot heaven?

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...didn't it?

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At least Transformers 3 had that cool looking Decepticon bird.

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