RE6 Xbox 360 new multiplayer modes will have new achievements.

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I'm not totally sure if this is a thing anyone will care about but thought I'd share just to be safe (Also if this counts as YouTube spam I apologize.)

I came across this video will looking up some footage of the new modes being added to Resi 6 on the 18th. The video is in french but shows off Onslaught, Survivors and Predator modes. At the 3:49 minute the guy playing as a zombies kills Leon and gets an achievement for 10G called Stayin' Alive. I still think a VS. mode in these sort of games are just pointless. It was total trash in RE5 (and I S-ranked that bitch) and I don't think it will be much greater here either.

Screen grab of guy unlocking Stayin' Alive
Screen grab of guy unlocking Stayin' Alive

Annoyingly the addition of achievements will make me play this stuff because I've S-Ranked every Resi game on the Xbox 360 and my completionist urges will want to keep that true. So what do you guys think? Will these modes be more successful than the VS stuff in RE5?

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