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Re: Operation racoon city gets a new spin on it ,not the most interesting , good but has a few drawbacks

thegood,,Online in orc scream value tilt is huge and good variety u find mostly in multiplayer,,but also singeplayer,but mostly multiplayer;),,when u first look at ORc ,, u might also see that it shares alot of same things used aka similarities used in ,, rnrnrnin both re4 and re5 ,,by that i mean ,,how the weapons are used,,as well as menus,,campaigns,,herbs,,aid -spray ,,and i could go on ,,rnrnrnrncampaign is good fun ,,there are nice looking and clever locals ,,areas ,,and the graphics are not at all the worst seen,,cutscenes are pretty interesting and the story and all the char besides USS make it even more interesting ,,rnrnrnrnso i think this game perhaps or did got inspiration from the previous re4 and re5 ,,cuz there is alot things that are in those games that are in this,,also options menues,,camera ,,while orc is less intersting than both re4 and re5 ,,in many ways,,cuz orc do not follow the plot of the story line fro mthe previous re games,,this game is like a side missions more than one big game,,so maybe this is half a game,,where this spin-offrnare just side missions to re5,,(could have been) ,,anyway ,,but one particular char in the uSS squad has been seen in other re titles there an USS was mentioned like for instance Re Umbrella chroniles ,,rnrnrnrnORc has a new fresh and distinct feel its all about the USS and stuff ;) ,, i think this is not a bad game ,,rnrnrnrnthough the story is i dont know somewhat relevant ,,because a USS was working for wesker seen in previous Re..Umbrella chinlces,,,and when u see the opening of RESIDent evil 3 ,,u can clearly see that tactical squad shooting the undead in those cutscenes ,,therefore wer are the mtoday,,here we are;) ,,rnrnrnstory is good not great ,,same with campaign good and interesting and not great ,,though this is still a i dont think of it as a spinn-off i think of it has a standalone game,,,In reoutbreak u where the survivors,,this time ur the police and or tactical squad ,,rnrnrnrnthough orc is not scary ,,it can be in some ocations,,the brilliant bland artistic of textures and graphics are great ,,graphics are great ,,for the most part ,,rnrnrnrnthe problem still with this game ,,its too much alike re4 and re5 ,,with the same menues etc etc and less beliavable than the good re's but this game is still good,,rnrnrnrnrnexcept for ai,,now by far worst,,why we need a partner? ,,,scaryness,,this is a dark game and can be scary but not ofc as re scary al lthe way up to 4and the 5 ,,rnrnrnrnthis game is slithly worse than re4 and re5 ,,slighly ,,because of the following,,rnrnrnrntoo much alike LEft For Dead almost extremly alike,,,number two,,u cant do anything spectacular ,,the backgrounds are mostly candy ,,rnrnrncamera not the best ,,much replay value here ,,rnrnrnrnsome socom navy seals ehh! ,,anyway ,,rnrnrnrnmy biggest problem with this re game is that it is not too beliavle as a regame ,,like re4 and the 5 ,,orc is still good but now eve nless beliavle ,,even whe n usaw and witnesses USS killing zOmbies in Re3 Cutscenes ;)rnrnrnthere are many familiar faces in oRC ! ,, but how much they are beliable is another things ,,william birkin nemesis etc ,,rnrnrnrnweapons are just fine,,also are the cover mechanics,,so dont cry for the cover mechanics,,becaues i think u have played re4 and re5 havent u,,crybaby ;Prnrnrnorc has a good and distict feel to it,,it is all about reeal the undeergound of umbrella,,destroyt samples collecting them etc ,,destroying this organization or whatever ,,rnrnrnorc is not the best looking game for its age ,,but it does Okay ;) rnrnrnrnmultiplayer is still good fun,,,also dlc and so on .. ,,rnrnrnrncant find alot restuff in this game besides alot stuff used in re4 and re5 ;prnrnrnbut u can still have a good time with this game,,rnrnrnrnrnrnbut play mostly for nonstalgia ,,orc makes sense but i'm not so sure how beliavable ,,rnrnrnrnplay mostly for nostolgia ,,its still can be a fun,,good and interesting game,,rnrnrnrnrnbut the variety i nthis game is so so ,, camera ca nbe tricky at times ,,but its forgivable ,,,,its not exactly the hardest game,,but can occatianally be challengning ,,rnrnrnrnlickers and how weapons shoot and puzzles here are very much like those found in re5 ,,as well as the cover system ,,And ai of partners and cutscens etc ;)rnrnrnrnhf ;)rnrnrnB+ like the rest of the retitles,,including ,,re and 5,,re outbreak ,,dead aim etc ;) good fun ;) ,,hf;) ,,rn ,,the online system in orc is quite unique and intersting ,,its extaclt the same online system and online things used in re5,,exactly that ;p ,,dont forget there has been online in three re games game ,,two suceeded,,re5 and this ,,outbreak was kinf of a swing in the miss ;p,,having a friends or soem randsome guy,,helping u with the campaing,,so u can finish the story-lie is pretty unique and most of all useful ;p ,,and pretty darn intresteting ;p ;),,besides there is not reason re:orc should get so much lower score than re5 and re4 ,,when orc share very much with those tw ogames ;pp ,,end of stoy -- and good luck cpatain ;)

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