Get Drunk and Shoot Zombies

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To celebrate 15th Anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom have kitted out a bar in Tokyo's Musashino area to look like a S.T.A.R.S office, with the cherry on top being the inclusion of Zombie shooting gallery and a pneumatic arsenal of weaponry. 

Virus=free revellers can also indulge in a selection themed alcoholic drinks, one is called a "Three Herb Cocktail", that comes served in your very own 15th anniversary first-aid spray. Guns and alcohol are a potent combination that the Japanese are not famed for, we all know fucked they can get after a few drinks, I expect they'll start shooting each other and spraying their wounds with Three Herb Cocktail. 

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Heh, that's pretty cool.

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@BulletproofMonk: Agreed.

@Contro: Racist.
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I want to be there.

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Do they sell Jill Sandwiches there?

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So people are going to get smashed and start shooting each other, having guns available to the public in a bar seems pretty stupid.

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It's just air guns, and that three herb cocktail looks like a mojito. Gross. 

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It just so happens that the title of this thread contains my two favorite things.

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@Contro: Dude is 15th not 25th, i felt really old for a second
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This looks amazing.

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