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They have the entire RE collection on PSN now for €35. That is ten games. Only Revelations had to be bought seperatly. I have not played the old RE games in a long time and I remember the tank controls being difficult even back then. Part of me is exited about owning the entire collection and part of me think I am stupid because I have never been able to finish the old PS1 RE games without an action replay (gameshark) to unlock cheats. RE4 and upward I can beat but not sure about the old ones. The Umbrella Chronicles that you got in this collection seem to retell the story of the first games, is that enough?

I am hoping RE6 and ORC is not as bad as people say. Anyway I got the excellet RE4 and the gold edition of RE5.

For a complete list of the games you get

RE Director's Cut Dual Shock edition

RE2 Dual Shock edition

RE3 Nemesis

RE4 HD edition

RE5 Gold edition


RE Umbrella Chronicles HD edition

RE Darkside Chronicles HD edition

RE Operation Racoon City

RE Code Veronica X HD edition

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