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Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots is the expansion pack to Rise of Nations, the expansion added 6 new races, Dutch, Americans, Lakota, Iroquois, Indians, and Persians. The Expansion also added new Wonders.
Also included were four new "Conquer the World" Campaigns. Alexander the Great, Napoleon I of France, Cold War, and New World.
New Races

  • Start with 1 Commerce Tech Already researched
  • Commerce research 25% cheaper
  • Start with a Market and 2 free Merchants
  • For every 100 of a resource in your treasury beyond starting level receive 5 income for that resource (except Knowledge).
    This income can exceed Commerce Cap by 50.
  • Receive two Light Ships whenever a New Dock is built.
  • Ship Upgrades 10% Cheaper
Unique Units
  •  Armed Merchant (Ancient Age)
  • Armed Merchant (Industrial Age)
  • Armed Caravan (Ancient Age)
  • Armed Caravan (Industrial Age)
  • Armed Supply Wagon (Medieval Age)
  • Armed Supply Truck (Industrial Age)
  • Brig (Medieval Age)
  • Fluyt (Gunpowder Age)
  • Clipper (Enlightenment Age)

  • Government Upgrades are free at the Senate
  • First Wonder is built instantly provided no other nation is in the process of building it (excludes Space Program and Suppercollider)
  • Aircraft Carriers are 20% cheaper  
  • Start with 1 Science Tech already researched
  • Receive 2 free bombers whenever an airbase is built((Begins at Modern Age)
  • Receive a free Scholar whenever a new University is built
  • Military ground units upgrade 25% cheaper
  • Receive 3 Food, Timber, Metal, and Wealth for every non Scout barracks unit while they are not garrisoned
Unique Units
  • Continental Marines (Enlightenment Age)
  • Marine Riflemen (Industrial Age)
  • Marine Infantry (Modern Age)
  • Assault Marines (Information Age)
  • Instead of building Farms and Granaries, receive Food for each Citizen, Scout, and Calvary unit (except when garrisoned).
  • Farms and Granaries in Captured Enemy Cities Instantly Destroyed.
  • Have no National Territory, and can construct buildings in any territory not held by another nation.
  • Ranged Cavalry upgrades are free.
Unique Units
  • Sunka Wakan (Classical Age)
  • Eagle Feather Horse (Medieval Age)
  • Musket Horse (Gunpowder Age)
  • Repeating Rifle Horse (Enlightenment Age)
  • Get one free Scout unit with each New Barracks built
  • Scouts get free upgrades and can move through forests
  • Woodcutters also gather 2 Food each
  • All units heal when not moving or attacking in friendly territory
  • Military units in friendly territory are hidden when not attacking
  • Barracks units 10% hit points
  • First Senate build is free and builds instantly
Unique Units
  • Spearman (Ancient Age)
  • Mohawk Spearmen (Classical Age)
  • Heavy Mohawk Spearmen (Medieval Age)
  • Elite Mohawk Spearmen (Gunpowder Age)
  • Takohs (Ancient Age)
  • Akweks (Medieval Age)
  • Okwari (Enlightenment Age)
  • Buildings (except Wonders, forts, Towers, Lookout and Cities)do not ramp up in cost
  • Wonders, forts, Towers and Lookout ramp up at half the rate
  • City Economic Radius is increased by 4
  • War Elephant upgrades are free, and War Elephant units are 15% cheaper
  • Caravan income is increased by 15%
Unique Units
  • War Elephant (Classical Age)
  • Mahout (Medieval Age)
  • Gun Mahout (Gunpowder Age)
  • Culverin Mahout (Enlightenment Age)
  • Start with 50% Bonus Food
  • Second City built acts as a second Capital.
  • Both receive Capital border bonus, and both must be captured to eliminate player
  • Receive Taxation upgrades for free
  • Civic research 30% Cheaper
  • Always have the maximum number of Caravans
Unique Units
  • Immortals (Ancient Age)
  • Anusiya (Classical Age)
  • Athanatoi (Medieval Age)
  • Arquebus Immortal (Gunpowder Age)

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