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Red Dead Redemption

Rob has never played a video game, and during his time working on Red Dead Redemption the voice director would often call back to scenes from Grand Theft Auto IV as a reference point. However John never even knew what ''GTA'' was, but would instead play along so as to not offend. The voice director eventually asked if he had played GTAIV, to which Rob replied ''Maybe... I don't know what that is'', to which they all laughed.

Early Retirement

While he was initially an aspiring actor, in 2010 Rob retired, despite his role of John Marston in Red Dead Redemption (and the Undead Nightmare DLC) being well received. However, all of the deceit and false promises he encountered in Hollywood proved to be too much and he left Los Angeles to go back to his hometome of Seymour, Indiana with his family.

''I had a cool experience; there's no guarantee I'll ever have anything like it again. I thought, screw it, if anyone wants me for anything, they'll call me.''

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