Rock-it Launcher

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    The Rock-it Launcher is a craftable weapon in Fallout 3 that is capable of firing miscellaneous items at lethal velocities.

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    Type/Skill Used: Big Guns
    Damage at 100% Condition: 50

    Ammunition: All "Miscellaneous" items
    Repair With: Rock-it Launcher 
    The Rock-it Launcher can be created from a vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, fire hose nozzle, and conductor. The four items are combined at a workbench along with the appropriate schematic to create the Rock-it Launcher. This unique weapon is capable of firing every miscellaneous item from empty nuka cola bottles to plungers. Although versatile in its ammunition, the drawback to the Rock-it Launcher is that the majority of the ammo has a weight unlike generic bullets. It is also the only way to remove an enemy's head using a teddy bear.


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