Rocksteady’s Next Batman Game Possibly Set in the Silver Age

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#151 Posted by grimmspectre18 (79 posts) -

Also I'm cautiously interested in this. I like the idea of something different but I'm having trouble picturing how this concept will play out. Wary until more info drops. This news came at the right time though, the past two weeks I've been on a comic hero binge. 360 -The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Superman Returns, X-men Arcade, and Watchmen: The End is Nigh parts 1&2.

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#152 Posted by Berserker6666 (20 posts) -

"Fatman: The naive and The Bald"

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#153 Posted by IndeedCodyBrown (562 posts) -

Blue cowl and Adam West.

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#154 Posted by CornBREDX (7216 posts) -

I still don't know what to feel about this. 
Not sure what they intend to do with Silver Age Batman. Maybe that'd be cool- I'm not sure. Is it going to be campy like this batman?: 

  What's the angle for something like this? Maybe less technology- that could be interesting I guess. Or batman using a pistol (they wouldn't do that, but that'd be kind of funny). 
Not sure why they want to use the Joker again. That would explain why Silver Age batman, maybe. Because they cant come up with better villains or something with out him maybe. He was pretty great, but I think they'd be better suited using a different villian. Batman has a ton of villians to choose from, one of them must be better suited.  
Or maybe not, I don't know. The whole thing is really weird. I cant wait to see what comes of this, though. Not much has been done recently with that era in games (50s/60s).  
It'd be cool if it had a vibe like NOLF. I don't know why, but it would.
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#155 Posted by delta_ass (3807 posts) -

This sounds terrible.

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#156 Posted by delta_ass (3807 posts) -
@BlueWolverine said:

John DiMaggio would be a proper replacement for Hamill. Johns performance in Batman: Under the Red Hood speaks for itself.

What? It was terrible.
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#157 Posted by Owlright (118 posts) -

Glad to see you back again, Patrick.

I for one would love to see a more light-hearted, campier version of Batman in games/movies nowadays. I love me some dark-ass Batman, but even Batman needs to loosen up every now and then.

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#158 Posted by ModestMike87 (17 posts) -

Some nice tricky scoops to find here, glad you're back Patrick!

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#159 Posted by Sin_Thesis (3 posts) -

This is disappointing, was looking forward to seeing an Arkham City style game with the whole of Gotham as the playground, where the events with Azrael, Hush, and others continue to play out. Why ANOTHER game with the Joker? Especially without Mark Hamill...

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#160 Posted by jay_ray (1504 posts) -

For the Joker, go big and get Jack

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#161 Posted by Lazyaza (2484 posts) -

With the endless hints and easter eggs regarding future things in the Arkham-verse in City I figured they'd go straight in to a Batman 3 but I guess this would be cool too. Honestly though I'd rather the old them making a Ninja Turtles game rumor was what they were really up to lol.

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#162 Posted by GreatMadness (39 posts) -

@BBQBram said:

"Rocksteady has been known for hiding secrets in plain sight about its next game"

Oh you mean those transcoded secret radio frequencies, the hidden freighter cargo bay and a bunch of other Arkham City easter eggs that quite clearly point to Scarecrow as a major antagonist for the next game? Doesn't necessarily exclude this theory but it seems fishy.

This. Judging by all the easter eggs, the next game would appear to be about Scarecrow terrorising Gotham using cockroaches carrying his fear toxin. It'd be weird if they suddenly turned around and did a prequel instead.

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#163 Posted by sirdesmond (1408 posts) -

@MooseyMcMan said:

@SmasheControllers said:

@PXAbstraction said:

@MildMolasses said:

Welcome back Patrick
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#164 Posted by ConuhF (3 posts) -

Here's hoping they do golden age rather than silver.

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#165 Posted by coakroach (2498 posts) -

Colour me curious

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#166 Posted by AxleBro (810 posts) -

@MildMolasses said:

Welcome back Patrick
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#167 Posted by DukesT3 (2095 posts) -


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#168 Posted by Gregomasta (1599 posts) -

Welcome back patrick.

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#169 Posted by Stubee (411 posts) -

Batman? Who cares!

Welcome back Pat Pat.

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#170 Posted by Sharpless (495 posts) -

Sometimes I feel like I'm one of the only huge fans of the DC Universe beyond Batman left in the world.

Looking forward to this, if it's a thing. I'd love to see DC and Warner Bros. finally get their shit together and start rivaling Marvel's big-screen projects. Hopefully, they can recover from releasing Green Lantern and not making Joss Whedon's Wonder Woman film.

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#171 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7598 posts) -

This sounds potentially amazing, but I'm a little disappointed that they're going with the Joker as the main villain again.

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#172 Posted by KillerPidgeon (69 posts) -

Good to see you back Patrick

OT: I'm concerned that they might go with The Joker again as a villian, yes he's Batman's Greatest Foe but look at his Rogue Gallery. There is so much potential for another character to take the villian spotlight and if Mark Hamill isn't going to be voicing The Clown Prince of Crime then that is more of an incentive to try something else I feel.

Even after all that I'll probably still buy it and love it.

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#173 Posted by korwin (3850 posts) -

I want to see them make good on that "Ashes of Gotham" name they registered a while back. Show me Gotham burning under a city wide panic brought on by Scarecrow.

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#174 Posted by Eyz (469 posts) -

I call bullocks on this one :/

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#175 Posted by Arbie (1473 posts) -

Hmm hmm hmm. I love the dark feel of Arkham Asylum and City but I'm all for something a bit different. I love Joker but I don't know how I'd have felt about him coming back so soon unless it was an awesome storyline. But, with a different kind of atmosphere, hell yeah I'd want to see that! If this is all a load of toddle though I like the idea of Scarecrow being the antagonist (as mentioned above) because I loved facing him in Asylum and I'd like more of another villain if we're going straight into Batman 3 and not the prequel idea.

In summary, as said above:

@coakroach said:

Colour me curious


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#176 Posted by impartialgecko (1867 posts) -

Patrick is Back! Nice to have you back finding them scoops

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#177 Posted by hermes (2290 posts) -

I am not sure about that... I like the idea of a Silver Age Batman's game, but I always thought Arkham gameplay (combat and stealth mechanics) were heavily inspired in the animated series and I don't know if it would work well with that version of Batman.

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#178 Posted by SherlockHyde (16 posts) -

I really, really hope that this turns out to be awesome and sell like a zillion copies, 'cause anything that gets me closer to my dream of "Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson : The Game: The Experience" is alright with me. An Adam Strange game would also be pretty sweet, as well as a Harvest Moon-style Swamp Thing game where you get to cultivate Gotham City to your liking.

Seriously though, Superman's Pal needs his own game. Now's the time people!

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#179 Posted by probablytuna (4968 posts) -

I would love to see Rocksteady do another take on Batman, moving from the dark/gritty style they've had for the Arkham series. Also

@MildMolasses said:

Welcome back Patrick
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#180 Posted by sethysquare (23 posts) -

Im excited.

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#181 Posted by sethysquare (23 posts) -

@hermes said:

I am not sure about that... I like the idea of a Silver Age Batman's game, but I always thought Arkham gameplay (combat and stealth mechanics) were heavily inspired in the animated series and I don't know if it would work well with that version of Batman.

I believe they meant the story would be a silver age story, nothing to do with the characters. Which the silver age story was an alien invasion and Batman and Superman rally all the other heroes. I doubt we're going to have a campy Batman game. It'll likely take the tone of Arkham series with its game play

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#182 Posted by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

I'd be more interested in a 60's Batman TV show game ;)

And surprise. Slly news editor interjecting his silly opinion into "newz" articles. A Superman game would be the worst thing and considering the roll they're on with these awesome Batman games, it'd be a terrible way to kill the series.

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#183 Posted by xplusy (79 posts) -

@MildMolasses said:

Welcome back Patrick
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#184 Posted by Dookysharpgun (622 posts) -

I heavily disagree with this potential idea for a future Batman title, as it pretty much seems like WB utilizing yet another studio to capitalize on a movie franchise...I see it as pretty much akin to stopping a WB show or game at times to advertise the new JLA movie they're pushing for. Seriously, this is the kind of shit I hate to see publishers doing, it's just dirty, and the problem with this is, unless it's done by the extra staff given to the studio, we won't see a proper Arkham sequel until at least 2016-2018, and that's under the assumption that this game doesn't get linked into a possibly shitty, rushed movie to cash-in on the avengers craze going around at the moment, in which case, we're in the territory of being damned by association, something that can happen, and can cause major problems in the entertainment industry.

I'm just saying, this doesn't feel right, the beauty of the Arkham series is the fact that Rocksteady told their own story and created their own continuity, they were given free-reign to develop the game's story and style as they seen They're going to be possibly forced into writing a story that can be easily tied in with the movie, which will come out, at earliest, 2014. This is a nasty habit that WB have when it comes to their games...and it never leads anywhere good. The game could be great, there is that potential for the same level of awesome of the Arkham titles, and if so, fantastic! However, this does seem like a game whose conception came of a room full of executives, trying to figure out the best way to get a huge audience for this JLA movie...which is bad from a consumer standpoint, because those types of games aren't meant to be fun, or well made, they're created to be forgotten until the next title comes along, for one raise the awareness that an advertisement campaign could do just as well, if not better. If I'm wrong, then grand, but I don't know, seems like a big switch from how we were introduced to the Arkham games before.

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#185 Posted by Julmust (1641 posts) -

This could be the best thing ever.

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#186 Posted by Castiel (3313 posts) -

Where has Patrick been?

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#187 Posted by Druminator (1808 posts) -

More Batman is always good.

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#188 Posted by Landmine (543 posts) -
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#189 Posted by Deusoma (3222 posts) -
@Dookysharpgun: With due respect, friend, what in the hell are you talking about? The article was commenting on a rumour of what the storyline of the next game might be, nothing more. I don't know where you're drawing all this stuff about WB infringing on Rocksteady's creative talents or forcing them to tie the game into a movie from.
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#190 Posted by Dookysharpgun (622 posts) -

@Deusoma said:

@Dookysharpgun: With due respect, friend, what in the hell are you talking about? The article was commenting on a rumour of what the storyline of the next game might be, nothing more. I don't know where you're drawing all this stuff about WB infringing on Rocksteady's creative talents or forcing them to tie the game into a movie from.

...I...I kinda wrote exactly what I was talking about you honestly think that given the success of the gritty and new take on the Arkham series, where it created its own excellent, if not a little confusing, continuity, that it just so happens a developer would work backwards, creating a prequel to a series, based within the potentially (a word I used to start of my post, by the way, you know, I heavily disagreed with the potential idea?) campy 1960s continuity of batman...for god's sake, they had stories about rainbow batman and the like...and it just so happens that after the Avengers became such a hit, WB are pushing for a Justice League movie, seemingly in time to the potential release of this game, given development times? Do you honestly think that a developer would decide to take all of their brand spanking new resources, the utterly brilliant story they had created, and shelf it in order to make a prequel potentially involving other DC heroes? And if they were to do that, wouldn't they use those resources to branch out and make different games, involving those characters, you know, branching out? If this is true, then I highly doubt it was anyone at Rocksteady's idea, because it doesn't add up from a creative point of view, but from a business angle. You know, raise awareness by making a hot-as-shit dev team work on yet another Batman title, but make it a prequel, shove some other characters in there, and time it's release to the 2014 block? Perhaps it wouldn't be a direct tie-in, but it'd be as close as dammit, and since it'd be working from a template of events that it would have to stick to, the development team would be unable to take the big risks that they had made with the original arkham series.

If you want to believe that this potential game isn't some way of ramping up movie awareness for the possibly doomed-from-the-outset JLA movie, then fine, that's your opinion, but I choose to see this for what it could possibly be, if it were true; a publisher-mandated title, an advertisement for a franchise, in order to create hype. To me, it isn't that difficult to see, and I'm not the only person who sees this as something that could go horribly wrong. This rumour, again, for a potential game, is more mandate than creative, there'd be no sense in doing a prequel, given how AC ended, how many stories there were to tell, and given the very stark contrast between silver age stories and the arkham series, it'd be such a change of pace, such a jarring transition, that it could possibly damage Rocksteadys' reputation. Factoring in the more than likely huge budgets for next-gen games, which this will more than likely be created for, and you've got a recipe for disaster. It isn't taking a risk, or going in a bold new direction, whether or not this is true, which it more than likely could be, given the current mindset at DC, this is an idea that spells nothing but bad news for a series that created it's own identity by taking risks and telling a different and unheard of story, in many ways. That's why people love it so much. I'm getting my ideas from the fact that this idea isn't being put forward in a vacuum, there are plenty of other factors for this that line up just a little bit too easily, and what they allude to is Rocksteady being used as a flagship to spread awareness of a movie, or movies, in an attempt to cash in on a superhero team-themed movie franchise that won't work. I'm commenting on the rumour myself, but not within the bubble on videogames alone, and we've all been around far too long to not be just a tad suspicious when a dev team changes tack seemingly out of the blue, and the owners of the property they're using just happen to announce a movie franchise at the same time. I'd like to believe this is a coincidence, I'd like to believe that this is all Rocksteadys' idea, but it's because I don't want to see such a great series taking a step backwards, like so many have as of late, that I believe this rumour, in whatever capacity, true or false, is/would be a push by WB, that's all.

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#191 Posted by Jayzilla (2703 posts) -

All I want is,"Form of a bucket of water!". "Form of a Pterodactyl!" Wonder Twins or nothing. Oh! And a special Gleek only level please.

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#192 Posted by AlianthaBerries (158 posts) -

Awesome stuff I loved Batman AA
And AC

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#193 Posted by El_Galant (81 posts) -

Is Mark Hamill not voicing the character again or does he not want to work on a videogame again? The voicework in both is excellent for all parties involved.

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#194 Posted by foxmulder (1879 posts) -

@El_Galant: I think he doesn't want to do the character again because of the strain it causes his voice. I'm sure we'll hear him in games until the day he dies! (which is hope isn't anytime soon!)

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#195 Posted by moywar700 (249 posts) -

People shouldn't be so mad that the Justice League are going appear in Batman's game.While Waners.Bros probably forced them in there,The Justice League were a big part of Batman's mythos.The game will be based on the silver age when Batman teams up with other superhero and before he was a loner.The creators wouldn't ruin up the tone of the game and keep it dark.The game could also be about how Batman deals with metahumans

I would like a campy and goofy Batman prequel though.

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#196 Edited by Jorrus_Mavok (3 posts) -

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine and we were talking about Game Informer's recent coverage of Batman: Arkham Origins. He believes that Rocksteady is still working on the game that would take place in the Silver Age and feature members of the Justice League. I think that early reports of the next Arkham game being an origin story fueled the rumors and wild speculation of the cameos of Justice League heroes and Batman's first encounter with Joker. I believe Rocksteady is actually working on a completely different project for next-gen systems. Not saying if it's the rumored Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game or even an Urban Chaos 2, but something else that is not Batman.

Any other opinions on this matter?

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