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Ryan Amusements was designed by Carlson Fiddle for the sole purpose of teaching children to hate the surface world and to smother them with propaganda. There are several different parts of the theme park:

Rapture Memorial Museum

This section has six audio-visual exhibits showing the development of Rapture.

Journey To The Surface

A scene depicting the evilness of the
A scene depicting the evilness of the "parasites"

In the main section of the theme park, visitors ride a train car past several displays and exhibits showing them the horrors of the surface world and the dangers they would be exposed to if they left Rapture. The exhibits consist of wax figures doing various everyday things with large hands (representing the government) coming down and interfering with them.

El Dorado Restaurant

A small cafe where visitors can take a break

Hall Of The Future

An exhibit where visitors could test out Plasmids. Also contains a cafe.

Gift Shop

What would a theme park be without a gift shop?


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