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 Rygar's design in The Battle of Argus.
 Rygar's design in The Battle of Argus.
Rygar: The Battle Of Argus is a Wii remake of the PS2 title Rygar: The Legendary Adventure.  It is an action game in which the player takes the role of the character Rygar, who has been stricken amnesia.  The game is graphically largely the same as the original PS2 incarnation.  The most notable difference between the appearance of the two games is Rygar's character design, which was given a complete overhaul.


The story of The Battle of Argus is set within the Greco-Roman era.  Rygar, a noble warrior attempting to save Princess Harmonia, must bring peace back to the Island of Argus and annihilate the Titans using the a special weapon called the Diskarmor.


Gameplay in The Battle of Argus is in general identical to that seen in its PS2 incarnation, Rygar: The Legendary Adventure.  It replaces use of standard controller inputs with motion controls via the Wii Remote, allowing the player to control the Diskarmor, destroy enemies and maneuver around obstacles.  The game also features an all-new Gladiator Mode; a survival arena in which the player must fight through a series of enemies.

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