Sanrio World Smash Ball!

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jul 16, 1993

    Action sports game on the Super Famicom. Starring Sanrio of Hello Kitty fame in a vertical Windjammers style game.

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    Sanrio World Smash Ball! is a competitive multiplayer sport game similar to table tennis that uses four playable characters from Sanrio's wide catalog of cute mascots. The most famous Sanrio character, Hello Kitty, acts as referee for each contest. Each arena is subtly different, with multiple configurations of breakable blocks, impassable squares, walls and other obstacles that the two players can use to their advantage to win the match.

    Sanrio World Smash Ball! was released on the Super Famicom in Japan only. It's one of a handful of non-RPGs to receive a fan translation.


    Sanrio World Smash Ball! features these Sanrio characters:

    • Kerokerokeroppi - A frog.
    • Tabo - A human boy.
    • Pokopon - A raccoon, or tanooki.
    • Hangyodon - A fish creature.
    • Hello Kitty - Unplayable, acts as referee.


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