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    The SC-20K is an assault rifle and was the main weapon used by Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell series.

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    SC-20K Attachments
    SC-20K Attachments


    The SC-20K AR M.A.W.S (Modular Assault Weapon System) is an assault rifle and was the main weapon used by Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell series. It is based on the real-world Belgian made F2000. It's bullpup design makes it compact and light while maintaining firepower. It fires standard NATO 5.56 x 45mm SS109 rounds with 30 to a magazine and comes with a muzzle flash and sound suppressor as standard. It can be fired in either semi-automatic or automatic. Either an electronically  assisted scope or Reflex Sight is mounted to the top of the weapon. As part of its design, the SC-20K is fully customisable and can be equipped with attachments that extend its capabilities far beyond that of a standard assault rifle making it adaptable to almost any mission requirement. Further attachments had been made available as the Splinter Cell series continued. The SC-20K had been in every instalment of the Splinter Cell series up until Conviction, where it was replaced by the SC-3000.

    Multipurpose Launcher Attachment

    A 40mm grenade launcher modified to fire an array of less-than-lethal projectiles and reconnaissance tools. The Launcher is fitted to the underside of the SC-20K's barrel and for both the first Splinter Cell game and Pandora Tomorrow it was the only attachment available.
    Clockwise from left: Airfoil, Gas, Sticky Shocker, Sticky Cam
    Clockwise from left: Airfoil, Gas, Sticky Shocker, Sticky Cam

    Sticky Shocker

    A high-voltage discharge device coated in an adhesive resin. Upon hitting its target the sticky shocker releases an electrical surge capable of knocking out an individual instantly.

    Ring Airfoil Projectile

    A less-than-lethal projectile made from high-density rubber. This high-impact, zero penetration projectile delivers a kinetic punch capable of knocking out an individual when a headshot is achieved. A shot to the torso will stun an enemy temporarily, two shots in quick succession will knock a person out.

    Sticky Camera

    A miniature camera that can be fired onto a surface. Called the "sticky cam" by players, Once deployed the camera's full pan and zoom functions can be utilized via a Splinter Cell's OPSAT, which will display the live feed. The camera has both thermal and night vision modes and is reusable. In Chaos Theory the functions of the "Distraction Camera" were condensed and so from then on the Sticky Camera also had a noisemaker to distract/attract enemies and a gas canister that could release a poisonous gas, rapidly rendering anyone in range unconscious. Once the gas is released the camera is destroyed and cannot be reused. As an unlockable in Double Agent, the Explosive Sticky Camera is the lethal alternative. Instead of gas it will explode upon detonation, killing those in its range.

    Gas Grenades

    A gas canister grenade that releases a cloud of gas that knock out anyone in its vicinity. Best used for grouped targets. Originally it had been stated that the grenade used standard CS gas (chlorobenzalmalononitrile) but this would not have been effective, more recently the gas is referred to as non-descript hydrochloric fumes.

    Distraction Camera

    The pan, zoom and vision functions of the Sticky Camera have been sacrificed so that this device can be fitted with a noisemaker to lure enemies and gas canister to render anyone in range unconscious. Since Chaos Theory the distraction cameras properties have been merged into that of the "sticky cam" and so has become redundant.

    EMP Ammunition

    Introduced in Double Agent, these rounds will emit electromagnetic radiation rendering any electronic device permanently inactive.

    Fore-Grip Attachment

    The Launcher Attachment can make way for a fore-grip that gives the SC-20K a greater deal of accuracy when using lethal rounds. This attachment was introduced in Chaos Theory.

    Sniper Attachment

    This attachment adjusts the entire front end of the SC-20K to make way for a longer barrel and the ability to fire 20mm APDS anti-material rounds. The increased barrel length dramatically increases the range of the rifle to hit long distance targets with high precision. The attachment is also fitted with an electronically assisted scope. There is no silencer, and while accurate the Sniper Attachment has a low rate of fire and has substantial recoil. This attachment was introduced in Chaos Theory.

    Shotgun Attachment

    This attachment provides the SC-20K with a semi-automatic shotgun to the underside of the main barrel. Perfect for close-quarter offensive situations. As with the sniper attachment, there is no silencer. The shotgun was introduced in Chaos Theory.

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