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    The primary weapon for the Scout class in Team Fortress 2. A custom shotgun that no other class uses.

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    A beefed-up shotgun for a more dedicated user, the Scattergun could very well qualify as a melee weapon.

    It holds the same number of shells as the regular shotgun and fires them at the same speed. The difference is in the distribution of damage by distance. Where the vanilla shotgun is good at short range and dies off to weak at medium range, the Scattergun goes from great at short range to mostly useless at medium range.

    Thankfully, the Scout is very good at closing with his enemies and plugging baddies in the back is much easier than it would be for, say, an Engineer. However, the Scout does still have only 125 Health, so a good player is forced to rely on a combination of sneaking as well as dodging to get in range without being taken down themselves. Keeping your gun loaded is very important.


    Clip Size6
    Ammo Capacity32
    Bullets Per Shot10
    Damage (Point-Blank)90-105
    Damage (Medium Range)10-40
    Damage (Long Range)3-10
    Mini Crit Damage8 per bullet (80 total)
    Critical Hit Damage18 per bullet (180 total)
    Rate of FireMedium
    Projectile TypeHitscan
    Reload TypeOne at a time

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