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Securitrons are the private army of Mr. House in Fallout: New Vegas. Their primary purpose is to guard the New Vegas strip in addition to being Mr. House's eyes and ears outside of the Lucky 38 casino.  
Securitrons will become "Securitron Mk II" after The Courier upgrade their systems with The Platinum Chip. Their portrait shown on their monitors will change from the police man to stogy-chomping army man. They will also have access to their grenade launcher and missile launcher weapons.

Unique Securitrons

  •  Yes-Man is a reprogrammed Securitron that is no longer controlled by House. 
  • Jane is Mr. House's secretary, found in the penthouse of the Lucky 38. She will take any snow globes that The Courier has to offer to Mr. House. 
  • Victor is the Securitron that House sends to keep an eye on The Courier as he delivers the Platinum Chip. He rescues The Courier and brings him to Goodsprings after he is shot in the opening cutscene. He seems completely genial, but as you encounter him more it seems that there is something more to him that The Courier should watch out for. 

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