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    Shadow Era

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    Shadow Era is an online free to play trading card game created by Wulven Game Studios. Shadow Era is currently available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. It must be noted that you need a constant internet connection to play.

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    The core card game is most similar to the WoW TCG. You are able to build a deck from currently 200 unique cards in the game. Each side has a main Hero character, and you can recruit Allies to join the battle. The objective is simply to kill the enemy hero but whilst keeping your own hero alive. There are also weapon and armor cards to improve your Hero's stats, as well as ability and spell cards.

    Beyond the core game, there is a RPG style level progression and a tournament ladder. You can complete missions against the Shadow Warriors, or challenge other players in a multiplayer battle. Completing such will grant you Shadow Crystals which from there you are able to purchase new card packs each time you level up.


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