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When Bad Ideas Go Right ! 0

The Shadowrun franchise is basically a series of RPG board games in the vein of Dungeons & Dragons but in a sci-fi setting. These games have a huge following and a lot of variations were made. After that a couple of videogames (SNES & Genesis) were inspired by the books who set the rules of the board games.The 2007 Shadowrun is a game that is set in the same Sci-Fi Universe, but is also a Online Multiplayer First Person Shooter. Following a formula inspired by Counter-Strike, this team b...

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Shadowrun is a game best suited for a gamer with great patience 0

Shadowrun is a game that has great potential, which is sad considering most of it goes un-tapped. Especially considering games like "Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter" and "Rainbow Six: Vegas" on the market for similar prices and include more content.  As a result, Shadowrun is a game best suited for a gamer with great patience.Shadowrun puts you in the shoes of, well, nobody in particular, the game has multiple classes to choose from, Elfs, Dwarfs, humans, and trolls, all with their own pros and...

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Shooting, Magic, and Fun 0

    FASA Studio took a different direction with the title Shadowrun this time.  As opposed to being an RPG, Shadowrun was transformed into a First-Person Shooter.  Really, it is nothing like the original Shadowrun.  It contains races that include: Elf, Troll, Dwarf, and Human.  Each of which have their own different pros and cons, along with a number of Magic Abilities and Tech Objects.      Shadowrun has no single player campaign to play through, which for many would be a huge fallback.  In thi...

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Highly competitive online Multiplayer 2

Shadowrun is the most in depth unique and competitive online shooter available today. If you've played counter-strike and loved it, Shadowrun is similar, but it adds magical and tech abilities which create an entire different dimension of play. Though difficult at first, the game is fun once you have the basics down. Any play who loves competitive online play needs to give this game a chance. There is nothing else like it.The downside is that it is kind of limited. There are only a few maps and ...

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Average online FPS 2

Back in the day Shadowrun used to be a side scrolling RPG on the SNES. Today (crushing many fans dreams) FASA studios has turned the concept of magic returning to the world into a Online only FPS. This is at first a great idea, promoting XBL and getting more people into online gaming. The downside is that it leaves the game with absolutely no depth or substance. The gameplay in Shadowrun is surprisingly outstanding. You start each game with a certain amount of money which you can use to buy mag...

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A Good Game Thats Just Missing Content 0

Well, this was a game I was getting very excited about, the closer it got to its release date. As soon as I got the game I did the training. The training itself is pretty useful seeing as how the game is a very complicated. The game adds a unique twist to the FPS genre. It combines magic and technology into the game. The games spells and tech abilities as well as weapons have to be earned. It has a money system much like Counter Strikes. If you do good in a round that means you get more money wh...

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The Game Which Brought PC VS Consoles To Life.. But Failed. 0

Shadowrun is using a new technology that MS call "Live Everywhere", many people are already familiar with xbox live, but live everywhere is the vista version of it. This is a nice idea combining to systems to play a fully online game. However there are some frustrating elements in Shadowrun.The graphics are think aren't stunning but look great, even though they reccomend a 5.0 rating I find it looks just as good on a 4.4 rating. ^^The thing that shadowrun lacks is a core feature of many online g...

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It lacks depth, but innovation alone will buy your time here. 0

 Based on the pen-and-paper role playing game of the same name, Shadowrun is a multiplayer-based FPS from developers FASA Interactive. The main focus throughout is your ability to combine the unique abilities of both 'Tech' and 'Magic' that is bought at the start of every game via a budget that the player is given. The different abilities are exciting and when combinations are pulled off can be very rewarding. Shadowrun does however suffer from a non-existent campaign, with just a selectio...

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Shadowrun Review (X360) 0

Shadowrun is a first person shooter on the Xbox 360 and Windows Vista PCs. Shadowrun isn't like most online FPS games, it adds a new and fresh feel to a popular genre. ---Shadowrun is a typical FPS in some ways, but adds new features that make it stand out from the crowd. The player is allowed to purchase their weapons that are typical to an FPS such as a sub machine gun, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, rifle, and even a mini gun or a katana. The additions that make the game stand out are being a...

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