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    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released May 29, 2007

    An online-focused shooter based on the tabletop RPG of the same name, giving players modern weapons as well as various magic abilities. It was the first game to allow cross-platform play between Xbox 360 and PC players on the same servers.

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    Shadowrun is an online multiplayer-focused first-person shooter by FASA Studio, based on the pen-and-paper Shadowrun universe. It is most notable for supporting cross platform multiplayer between its PC and Xbox 360 versions. Shadowrun was the last game created by FASA Studio, which shut down after the game's release to largely mixed reviews and poor sales.


    Shadowrun is mainly a first-person shooter (3rd person when using a katana, or with smoke activated) introducing mild cyberpunk elements to the gameplay. The game takes place in Brazil in the year 2031: before the events that shaped the Shadowrun universe. The player is assigned one of two factions to play as: The megacorp RNA Global, or the resistance group known as The Lineage. Playable races are Human, Elf, Troll, and Dwarf. Each race has their own unique racial traits. The game offers online multiplayer for up to 16 players on nine maps (with three smaller versions for 8 players), system link and solo play against bots is also available. There are six training missions that cover basic to intermediate gameplay as well as training for dwarves, elves and trolls. The online component is divided between Public Matches and Private Matches. A Public Match is essentially streamlined matchmaking, the player has few options to choose games, map preferences and player size being the only two options. Shadowrun uses Microsoft's Trueskill ranking system to match players in Public Matches, there is no consistent stat-tracking or leaderboards, but the in-game stats are very comprehensive and detailed. Private Matches are private games set up by players, players set up a game lobby, set the map, a few game options and can choose teams and race(obviously). Private Matches can only be accessed by invite or joining through a players gamercard in the Xbox guide. Note: Achievements can only be earned in a game with at least 4 players on each team in either Public or Private Matches, online or LAN. Shadowrun does not support any split-screen play.


    Lineage Elf
    Lineage Elf
    • Elves are the fastest race, but also the weakest. They are slowed substantially by heavy weapons and will quickly be killed from sustained fire. However, their speed compensates for this, as well as their ability to heal when not taking damage, after a few seconds and if they have essence available. Elves have the second greatest amount of essence. They are best suited for hit and run tactics, and players that are magic heavy. Elves are arguably the best rezzers because of their high essence count and ability to get in and out of areas quickly. Elves can swoop in, get the rez and get out of the fight, opposed to dwarves who usually have to stay and fight. Elf ninja is popular but only effective if played conservatively and intelligently. Always go for the bleed out because elves do very weak melee damage. Wired Reflexes is not suggested because it severely decreases your essence pool, teleport, smoke and gust are more suited for elves. Elves are the best artifact runners due to their speed.
    Lineage Troll
    Lineage Troll
    • Trolls are the slowest race, but the strongest. No weapon, no matter how heavy, will slow them down, and they can take an incredible amount of damage, especially with their special ability. When taking sustained fire, a troll will use its essence to harden his skin. This slows it down but allows it to take enormous amounts of damage. Trolls have the same essence as humans, but do not share their tech ability, so they are not great magic or tech users. When a troll is using a katana, they do double the damage of other races and can kill most enemies with two slices. Wired also only locks two essence slots for trolls so it is usually the best tech to use as troll to counter their slow speed. They are best suited for players who forfeit stealth and agility for brute force. Although trolls have the most health, they rely heavily on a tree because they need a lot of hit points their hardening to be effective. If a troll has half health or less they will die as quickly as the other races. So buy a tree first round every time you play troll. Trolls are also good artifact runners when within 30 meters, because they can use their health and hardening ability to charge through defenses to score the artifact.
    RNA Dwarf
    RNA Dwarf
    • Dwarves are a slightly more specialized race than either the Trolls or the Elves. They are slightly faster than trolls and fairly strong, not being hampered much by heavier weapons. Dwarves can take a good deal of damage(but be warned, their round bodies perfectly fit into most guns reticules so they get hit by most of the shots fired) and as a bonus they can withstand a direct headshot from a sniper rifle(dwarves are not effected by the headshot modifier for weapons), which is fatal for any other race. This ability makes dwarves good counter-snipers/riflers. Their special ability is that they can steal essence from other players (friend or foe) and from magical objects like strangle and minions. However, dwarves regenerate essence very slowly when not draining from other sources, but have lots of essence at their disposal. In addition, dwarves are able to withstand a surprise attack from a katana and not bleed ou t. Dwarves are very tactical and are best played as a specialist race. Dwarves are suited both for magic specialization or tech use, but mixing magic and tech is not recommended. Dwarves are good companions for Trolls, because they have similar stats and uses.
    RNA Human
    RNA Human
    • Humans are the middle ground of the races. They are the second fastest after elves and second most resilient after trolls. Humans have several small advantages that give them a unique play style. First, none of their essence is locked by tech, as it is with all other races. Second, they start the first round with an extra 500 dollars, which can be a huge advantage during the first few rounds. Humans are also quite versatile, they can do a bit of everything. Humans are the best suited for slaying and ranged combat (especially the rifle). Humans are best suited for recon with Enhanced Vision, as well as using Wired Reflexes, and Smartink. As with trolls and elves make sure teleport is one of your main abilities for most of your games.

    Players can purchase magic, tech, and weapons at the beginning of each round of play. At the beginning of the first round they have $2000, except humans who have $2500. Each new round adds $1400 for each player, plus money the player earns by helping his or her team during each match, whether through killing enemies, supporting friendlies(rez, healing with trees, assisting in kills), or focusing on the objective. Money can also be lost by team killing or damaging during the round. Rounds are either won by killing all enemies(all game modes), scoring the artifact, or defending artifact(in Raid). More money is earned when teams score the artifact in Extraction and Raid, or if the defenders defend the artifact by the rounds end in Raid, and finally, in Attrition the team who posesses the artifact at the end of the round will win and earn more money. Matches are a best of eleven series, first to six wins.


    Area 1

    • Waking Up
    • Getting to know the place
    • More of the Place
    • The Cemetery
    • Where will fate guide us?

    Area 2

    • The Arena...
    • How to get out of this dump...?
    • More Stuff
    • Time to finish what we started.
    • Before we do anything else...

    Area 3

    • Get this out of my head!
    • Rust Stilettos
    • Kitsune, Cat Woman
    • The Insane Jester
    • Dark Blades, Drake's Handymen
    • The Mysterious Ship, Bremerton
    • Inside the Bremerton
    • Kill the Jester!
    • Getting to Drake
    • It's hot in here...
    • Last Stop, Aneki...

    Magic Options

    • Teleport ($2250): Enables users to instantly warp 8-10 meters in the direction of their movement, even through solid objects. Can be used in combination with the Glider tech to obtain maximum mobility. Three pips of essence per cast, one second buffer time. One of the most important abilities in the game. Countered by dwarves, Anti-Magic Generators and Gust.
    • Resurrect ($2000): Allows a player to bind fallen teammates to their own life energy in order to bring them back to life. This also works to stop teammates from "bleeding out". When players are bound through resurrection, the caster must sacrifice some of their maximum essence. Four essence pips will be used for cast, then locked if successful. "Karma" can change these values to 3, 2 or 1 based on how many rounds your team is losing by. Players can also be rezzed multiple times in Karma rounds, and bodies take longer to clear in Karma rounds.
    • Strangle ($2000): Produces a field of crystals which restricts the movement and drains the essence of any player caught amongst them. Does minimal damage, but can kill players with low health. Locks two essence slots while active as elf, troll, human and three for dwarves. Most effectively used by dwarves and elves. Countered by weapons fire, grenades, AMG's, and dwarves.
    • Summon ($3000): Summons a creature which can either be ordered to defend an area, attacking all enemies nearby, or ordered to directly pursue an individual target, which it will relentlessly hunt until its destruction. Though powerful, summons are very weak to essence-draining magic and tech, and they will also abandon any orders in order to attack another summon, be it hostile or friendly. Minions attack with ther claws and can cause a lot of damage in close quarters. Effective against trolls, groups of enemies, and enemies who are bleeding out. Countered by weapons fire, grenades, AMG's, dwarves, other minions.
    • Gust ($2000): A burst of powerful wind that can push enemies and objects away, and if timed carefully, can break a player's fall. Players hit by gust will find their accuracy lowered for a short period of time. In addition, gust is the only way to damage players using the Smoke magic. Gust can multiply the effectiveness of glider by gusting then activating glider (called Gust-Gliding). Very versatile magic rewards clever use. Common practice is gusting nades back to enemies or using gust to launch your own nade (poor-mans rocket launcher), gust bodies to rez or prevent multi-rez or push bodies off map, instantly clearing the body instantly. Only effective counter is essence drain, be it dwarves or AMG's (preventing cast).
    • Smoke ($2000): Allows a player to turn their body to smoke, causing bullets, explosions, and falls to cause no damage, though being hit with Gust or the artifact will cause significant harm. Players with smoke mapped cannot be seen by Enhanced Vision (20 meters and above) and completely undetected when activated. While in smoke your essence will drain one pip at a time until deactivated or you run out of essence. Having smoke mapped also slows you essence regeneration rate by about 25%, for dwarves this completely stops their essence regen and can only gain essence with their ability. Countered by gust, AMG's, and dwarves. When deactivating smoke you cannot use your weapons, magic or tech for about 2 seconds, leaving you vulnerable.
    • Tree of Life ($2000): Creates a tree that heals anyone nearby, as well as providing a physical barrier that can be used for cover. Lasts until it heals a certain amount of damage, or is destroyed by enemy fire. The closer you are to tree the faster you will heal. Will heal friend or foe alike, three pips per cast, 30 second buffer time. Countered by grenades and weapon fire, AMG's, strangle, and dwarves.

    Tech Options

    • Grenade (Free with Spawn): Allows the player to throw grenades. The player starts with two, and can pick up and replace any used from dead enemies or teammates. Can instantly kill all but trolls within 3 meters of enemy (or friendly). Can also be used to knock enemies bodies off map.
    • Enhanced Vision ($2000): Allows the player to detect nearby enemies, as well as teammates, through walls. Effective up to 60 meters, a cast sends out a pulse that lasts 5 seconds then cannot be activated again for 3 seconds. Note: Having EV mapped will allow the player to see enemy EV users when they cast the pulse (Passive EV). Countered by smoke, EV, artifact in attrition.
    • Glider ($2000): Enables short-distance flight and enhanced leaping height. Can also be used to negate fall damage. Locks two essence, best combined with teleport and gust. Gliding players are vulnerable to sniper rifles and rifles due to their slow aerial movement. Gust can deactivate glider wings for one second, forcing player to lose flight momentarily and draw them downward. When gliding activate and deactivate to increase forward movement.
    • Wired Reflexes ($2000): Passively enhance the player's running speed, jumping height and reload speed while equipped and allow the deflection of bullets when wielding a Katana. Can be activated for an extra boost of speed at the expense of some health. When combined with teleport or glider (or both) mobility is greatly increased. Very effective for trolls, countered by gust.
    • Anti-Magic Generators ($1500): Thrown like a grenade, these devices drain essence of any player or magical object caught within their field. Can be devastating if used against Trolls (who lose their armor ability) or Strangle spells. Four in inventory that recharge over time when current AMG's are destroyed or run out. Countered by weapons fire, glider (most AMG's will be on the floor). Players cannot teleport effectively into area covered by an AMG, and when looking directly at one, teleport distance is reduced to one meter.
    • Smartlink ($2000): Implants an ocular aiming system which assists players by increasing auto aim and magnetism (target-lock) and automatically preventing firearms from firing when a teammate is in the cross hair. However, when activated, Smartlink is visible by a red laser beam that emerges from the players eye. Adds level of zoom to all weapons except katana. Locks two pips of essence. Recommended for minigun users. Countered by having smoke mapped.


    • Katana ($1000): The only melee weapon of the lot, this weapon deals a moderate amount of damage (high damage when wielded by troll), has no movement penalty and can kill most races within four swipes. It is capable of causing a player much grief by inflicting a "mortal wound" on an unsuspecting player, which deals a high amount of damage and makes the enemy lose health over a period of time, which can only be cured by the resurrection spell. Recommended mostly for trolls and elves. Countered by gust, shotgun ( if user has wired), sustained weapons fire.
    • SMG ($500): The SMG is a cheap, low damage close to mid-range weapon that reloads quickly and features a high rate of fire. It is lightweight, making it a good weapon regardless of race or playing style, but it has a high amount of recoil and is best fired in short, controlled bursts when firing at a distance. Countered by shogun in close range and rifle at farther distances. Gusting SMG users back decreases their effectiveness moderately.
    • Pistol (Free with Spawn): This is your standard, cost-free weapon. The pistol causes low to moderate damage but its accuracy, rate of fire, and no movement penalty make up for it. Highly effective against trolls (especially when shot slowly at troll's head).
    • Rifle ($500): Deals moderate to high damage (headshot deals double damage to all but dwarves) with little recoil at a low price, which makes it a good and popular weapon overall. It is highly useful for damaging enemies at moderate to long ranges, and for marksmen who cannot afford a Sniper Rifle. Humans are ideal rifle users, but all races can benefit from its use. Stay crouched while firing to greatly increase effectiveness. Three shot burst not recommended.
    • Rocket Launcher ($5000): The rocket launcher reigns supreme as the most powerful weapon in the game and, simultaneously the most expensive and the heaviest. It takes a fair while to fire and reload is not very useful against enemies past close to mid-range. $1000 per round. Best used by trolls and dwarves. Use extreme caution when using.
    • Shotgun ($750): A brilliant and cost effective weapon, which can easily stop a charging enemy. A point blank shot deals a massive amount of damage, which decreases as range increases. It's primary drawbacks are its limited range and low rate of fire. Great when combined with wired reflexes. Not recommended for elves due to weight. Shotgun cannot be blocked by wired katana.
    • Minigun ($1250): This bulky weapon makes up for its weight with a lighting fast rate of fire, good stopping power and massive clip size. Recommended for dwaves and trolls, minigun must be wound up to fire, keep the barrels spinning by tapping trigger to begin firing more quickly.
    • Sniper Rifle ($2500): Features 4 shots to a clip and is rather expensive, however, this gun is quite powerful in the hands of a skilled marksman. A single shot to the head will kill all but dwarfs. Can only be fired if zoomed in using the scope, and taking damage will force the player to back out of the zoom. Not recommended for trolls.

    The game lacks a traditional campaign mode. Instead, various match types are available - solo play against bots, private matches (online or LAN), and live matches which match up players from around the world. The three play modes available are Attrition (Team Deathmatch variant), Extraction (Neutral Flag), and Raid mode (One flag, attack/defend CTF). Each map has two of these three game modes, usually Raid or Extraction and Attrition. Raid being the most common. Some maps also have a reduced-size variant which is reserved for smaller games.

    Minimum System Requirements

    • Microsoft® Windows® Vista™
    • PC with Dual Core CPU
    • 2 GB of system RAM
    • 4.5 GB available hard disk space
    • NVIDIA 7800, ATI X1800 (256 MB or higher)

    Xbox 360 Game Installation

    Shadowrun requires 3.9GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD. This decreases map loading time by 15-20%.


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