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The game starts you off obtaining a farm in the town of Shepherd's Crossing, a small town that is famous for its wool that it trades to other villages to obtain other supplies.


Shepherd's Crossing offers a unique blend of gameplay styles. It's somewhat like Harvest Moon in it's farming nature, but you never really visit the surrounding city/people. Different people will randomly visit you at various set times. There is no square grid to speak of, you just throw seeds down wherever you want to and then they eventually grow to plants.

There is a trade system in place that forms much of the game play. You trade item A for item B which helps you obtain item C, and so on!

There are hunting missions that you may take dogs (that you obtain through trading) that are fought in a traditional turn-based RPG sort of way.

Graphical Stylings!

Shepherd's Crossing sports a very old school sprite-based 2D style. The cut-scenes are mostly just a still image of a character staring at you.


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