Am I the only one?

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Alright serious spoilers ahead for those of you who didn't finish the Journey campaign (That's the original one) or Final Fantasy IX...

So, did anyone out there notice some serious similarities between Persona 3 and Final Fantasy IX? The thing that stood out to me the most was the theme that all mankind truly desires is non-existence. When speaking to Takaya, he talks about this being the truth, and the Nyx Avatar says that if more people wanted to live, it would be so. At the end of FFIX, after Kuja destroys the crystal, Necron says that it has been proven, and all life desires death, and the only solution is to end it all. 
Another similarity was the "friend sacrificing for friend" thing. In Persona, all the SEES members give their support, which heals you. In IX, the party members you don't choose sacrifice for those you do. Both also had scenes of walking in space near the end, both had towers to climb, and both final bosses were supposedly undefeatable.
Not saying one ripped off the other, or that either is a bad game. I loved each, but as Persona came to a close, I couldn't help but notice the similarities. I kept expecting my main character to sprout a tail...
Your thoughts?
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Yeah, I noticed these similarities, and thought that when they sacrificed their power it was an almost identical concept. The important thing is that both games did it well  - but I personally think that the persona 3 method was better.

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Final Fantasy IX had a story?

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