Has my game messed itself up?

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Ever since my new obsession with P3P, I've been playing it nonstop. I am now on August 2nd 2009, but I have noticed something VERY strange. My S-Links, including the Fool Arcana, have simply refused to advance. I get the animation and confirmation of ranking up, but it doesn't happen. I have passed Fool 5, but it didn't increase. The only working S-Link appears to be that of Bebe... Whom I can't access due to the summer. 
What should I do? New Game? Dump more hours in and pray that it works? What could have caused this!? Internet searching has yet to yield any explanations or solutions. 
Also, I have also had some difficulty in getting Chihiro and Yuko's S-Links started. While they swing by at lunchtime to ask to meet, they aren't where they should be....And I haven't seen them since. AFAIK, they haven't wandered into Tartarus, because I've rescued everybody.

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You're fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. 
I know what do. 
1) Take P3P. 
2) Put in trash. 
3) Profit.

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Sounds like a dodgy copy you've got there? Digital or physical copy?

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@Aus_azn: Sounds like you hit a giant bug. You might be better off restarting.
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@eroticfishcake: PSN? So digital? If it helps, I am on a PSP-3000 launch console... 
@Driadon: FFFFFFFUUUUUU Well, I guess. Maybe I may up the difficulty to hard; this game seems fairly straightforward so far...
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You haven't been keeping multiple save files have you? 

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@Aus_azn: Huh. I've got a hard copy and I haven'y come across anything resembling that at all. Since you've got a digital copy though it may be a good idea to download again if you can just in case. I don't think the model of the PSP should cause any problems but yeah, like Driadon suggested it'll be best to restart rather then soldier on and encounter more game breaking bugs. Look on the brightside, at least the first few hours will fly by since you've done it before and playing on Hard difficulty would be more fun since the combat is more streamlined this time around in comparison to it's PS2 counterpart.
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I've never heard of anything like this before :\
Starting over is probably your best bet.

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@endaround: No, unfortunately? Is this something I should be doing or is this something that may have screwed this up? 
Ah well, sounds like I'm going to be starting over...  I'll try redownloading it too. I wonder, maybe it may have been a corrupted save or data file, whatever.

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