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    Ship Captain

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    The ship captain from the God of War games, a running gag in the series. Kratos goes out of his way to take what he has and kill him, repeatedly.

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     God of War

    • At the start of the Hydra Boss battle, the Ship Captain is swallowed by the largest Hydra head. Once the Hydra is defeated Kratos must travel into the Hydra's mouth where he finds the Ship Captain barely hanging on near the back of the throat. Kratos rips the Captain's Key from around his neck and kicks him down further into the Hydra and presumably to his death.
    • After Kratos has been killed by Ares he falls into the Underworld. While falling Kratos manages to grab onto a man who is hanging on to a piece of floating land. This man turns out to be the Ship Captain. Kratos stabs through the Ship Captain with one of his blades to give himself leverage to climb up the Ship Captain's body onto the floating land. The Ship Captain realizes it is Kratos just before being kicked into the red waters far below.

    God of War 2

    • During the Barbarian King boss battle, the boss summons undead souls to assist him in fighting Kratos. One of the souls he summons is the Ship Captain, who does not fight Kratos and instead cowers until the player kills him.

    God of War 3

    •  While in the underworld you can find a scribbled note from the Ship Captain that reads   "He could have saved me. He held my life in his hand, and still he let go. I may have been just a mere boat captain, but he treated me as if I was nothing! He is to blame for my torment here! I hope he suffers in hades as I have. Damn that Ghost of Sparta!"


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